Friday, April 20, 2012

15 months

Tommy seems to have done SO much from 14 months to 15 months!! It's crazy how fast they change.

Tommy, at 15 months you are:

*PACI FREE!!!!!!!!!!! This happened by accident 2 days ago. Me and daddy had been talking about taking it away before Tessa gets here but were going to wait until May. But your aunt Brooke forget to take one with her on Wednesday, so we decided to go ahead and start then. And you've done GREAT! I thought getting you to sleep would be a nightmare, but there's practically no difference. You've been a tiny bit whiny the past few days but other than that, you don't seem to miss it at all. And I'm so glad. You were starting to look silly being such a big boy with that thing in your mouth!

*growing, growing, GROWING. You are 26 lbs and almost 32 inches. My little boy is not so little anymore :(

*saying quite a few words. Not consistantly, mind you. You only say the words YOU want to say whenever YOU want to say them. When we TELL you to say something, you immediately clam up. Turkey. But so far, you've said: mama, dada, nana, dog, bath (bafff!), yes (yessshh), butt (don't ask), shoe, uh-oh, oops.

*able to point out most of your body parts. You know where your eyes, ears, nose, tongue, belly and feet are. Your favorite is your tongue. We'll say, "Where's your tongue?!" And you stick it out as far as you can and laugh and laugh :) It's cute.

*kissing the baby all the time. But you've started something new. I'll tell you to kiss the baby and you'll pull my shirt up so you can see my tummy and then you kiss her but you blow raspberries! You love the sound it makes and think you're so funny and clever (which you are--duh!)!! It makes mom and dad laugh every time.

*still wearing a size 5 diaper. They're kind of big on you, but the size 4s are too small. They should make diapers in half sizes :)

*very picky with your eating habits. And random. Some days you eat non-stop. Others, I worry that you're going to wake up in the middle of the night because you're starving. You still seem to stay away from meat, although you LOVE beef jerky (disgusting) and grilled kilbasa sausages. Weird kid :)

*soooooo dramatic. It's actually hilarious but we try not to laugh in front of you so you aren't encouraged to continue it. When you're tired or just feeling whiny, you throw your head back and fake cry and walk around in circles with your hands held up like, "Why me?" It's so funny.

*copping quite the attitude. We've been working on hitting lately and it seems like you're finally getting that it's not okay. But you still raise your hand like you're going to hit something and then when you catch one of us giving you "the look" (parents, you know the one I'm talking about), you look around for the closest thing to hit that's not a person. I think you think you're really intimidating, which cracks me up because your little tiny body wielding a little tiny hand is SO not scary :)

*really starting to pay more attention to TV. I'll say, "Let's go watch one of your shows!" and you run to the TV and stare until something interesting comes on. You especially love Team Umizoomi (which is not too bad) and Fresh Beat Band (which makes me want to throw up--please Jesus, let him outgrow that before he's old enough to want to go to their concerts!!). It's nice to have you watch a short show while I'm switching laundry or cleaning up. Makes things much easier!!

*LOVING the nice weather. You can't get enough of being outside. And animals make you so happy. You smile and laugh when you see a dog or bird or anything! It's so cute :)

*understanding what it means to be "sorry." Well, at least you know when we tell you to tell someone sorry, you go hug their legs and give them "loves." It's really sweet, although you're doing it often, which means you're saying sorry often :)

*getting really excited to see mom and dad! You were so attached to aunt Brooke when you were younger that you only cried when she left and only got excited when she came. But now, you get kind of upset when we leave and you RUN to the door when we get home. I love it! It's the best.

*waving bye-bye ALL THE TIME! It's funny because you usually wait until the person that's leaving is already gone or not looking. But you do it! And you've stopped your "baby wave" and do a full on Miss America pageant wave. Too cute.

The older you get and the closer we get to having your sister in the house, the more excited I am to see the two of you interact. I think about the future and hope and pray you'll get along and be friends! Tommy, you are so funny and you make me laugh every day (even when you're being a brat!!). I can't wait to get home from work to see you every day and waking up is easier to do because I know you're smiling face will be waiting for me :) Your personality is so sweet and fun and busy. I love watching the boy you're becoming!!!

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