Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Whining.....it's what I do sometimes

This past few weeks have been exceptionally long. There's no other word but exhausting. Tommy got really sick on Wednesday night. He was super snotty-nosed, crying, drooling, etc. Right before bed, I noticed he was running a fever, so I gave him some ibuprofen. We were up every hour. I think I literally slept 45 mintues to an hour the whole night. I've expressed this before, but it infuriates me that with ALL the medications out there, there is no decongestant or cold medication for babies. WHY?!? All the allergy meds (zyrtec, benedryl, claritin) weren't fixing the problem. He had a stinkin cold, not allergies. But at least the ibuprofen helped the fever. He was sick all day Thursday and I had to stay home and take care of him. He was super whiny all day and I was beyond tired, so there were no words for the duo we made :) . I'm thinking he was teething because the drooling was beyond what I've ever seen before. I think I changed his shirt 3 times that day because it got soaked. Poor baby. He finally got better Friday. At least, his fever was gone. He's had diarrhea since Thursday but I think that's due to lack of eating much, especially solids. We've been pushing a bland diet and pedialyte and he FINALLY seems to have gotten his appetite back today.

This weekend was supposed to be fun and relaxing because Nick had Friday night off of work. I was so excited!! And then he got sick. He slept almost all day Saturday and Sunday because he caught the cold and fever Tommy had. So needless to say, we didn't get to spend a ton of quality time together. Oh well. Hopefully some other time. It gets so hard not to see him for more than an hour or two at a time. I feel bad for him that his one full weekend off got ruined by illness. I did get a chance for a little fun though. I took some "save the date" pictures of Brooke and Michael and they turned out great. Then Michael's mom cooked a fabulous and tasty dinner, so that was nice since nothing else turned out the way we planned for that weekend.

I had a dream on Saturday night that was awesome and sad, all at the same time. We were at a family function that was being held in some kind of community building. My grandma yelled at all of us to go out in the courtyard because Mitt Romney was there :) Don't ask. I have no idea what he's about or why he was in my dream, but he was. She wanted us to all go out there and hug him. So we did. When I came back in, my aunt Becky was standing in the room. She passed away almost a year ago (it'll be a year in a week or so). But there she was, in the flesh! Twirling her hair and laughing. I saw her and immediately started hugging her and crying. She held me for awhile and then said, "Okay, okay, now you're just embarrassing me with all this crying!" She patted my back and then said, "I know it's sad, but I'm okay now!" And she was smiling and so happy. She told me to quit crying and go take care of my babes :) I woke up crying and cried for the next hour and a half because I was happy that it seemed like she was letting me know she was better off in Heaven, but it's so terribly sad not to have her here. The dream was bittersweet, that's for sure. But she IS better off. No pain, no illness, no problems of the world. Just her and Jesus and my grampy, living in eternity.

I've missed church the last few weeks because of various reasons and I think it's really starting to wear on me. I NEED to go to get my weekly fuel and I can definitely tell when I don't. Satan gets a foot hold here and there and does what he can to add to my stress and tiredness. Stupid devil.

Here's to hoping this week is better than the last few. It's been good so far. Fingers crossed!!

And just because I love him.........a picture of the boy doing the double binky. That's right, folks. Two binkies in one mouth! Now that's talent :)

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