Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21 weeks

Well, I stole this form from my friend Stacia who's due with a little baby boy about 4 days before me! I like the idea of having a weekly tracking of my pregnancy (even though I'm starting halfway through it :).

How Far Along? 21 weeks (and 1 day--but who's counting)

Maternity Clothes? Wearing maternity pants. No shirts yet. But we're getting there. I was pregnant in the winter with Tommy, so I need to buy some summer shirts.

Weight Gain? 0 lbs. Nothing so far!!

Stretch Marks? Nope

Gender? Girl :)

Sleep? Sucky. I'm tired of peeing.

Food Cravings? Barbeque sauce!! Craving it so bad I could almost drink it!

What I Miss? Loose pants.

Symptoms? Mild nausea if I get overly hungry.......been having some dizziness too

Movement? Geez. When is this kid NOTmoving? She's all over.

Belly Button? In

Worst moment of the week? Putting on a pair of scrub pants and realizing how tight they were. And drinking my glucose drink for my gestational diabetes test. Disgusting.

Best Moment of the Week? Nick being able to feel the baby! It took forever because she always stops when it's anyone's hand but mine on there, but he FINALLY felt a little kick.

Scariest Moment of the Week? Thinking about Nick still being on 3rd and me being at home with a newborn and 1 year old all night.
I went to the OB today and as mentioned, had my gestational diabetes test. The nurse was surprised they ordered it because it usually isn't done until 26 weeks, but the doctor wasn't there yet, so they just did it. Hopefully they won't say it's too early and make me do it again at 26 weeks. Note to self: don't drink glucose drink on a completely empty stomach. Everything was good. She measured normal and her heartbeat was 154. Loved getting to hear it!

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