Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hi blog! Remember me?

So it's been awhile since I posted. A few things have kept me busy, like oh.......3 Christmases, an almost 1 year old, my back going out and New Years. These last few weeks have been crazy for us (as I'm sure they've been for you) but I have to say while I feel like I DID a lot, I don't really feel like I ACCOMPLISHED anything! I'll do a Christmas post soon (pictures included, if you're lucky :) but for now, I'm trying to get all my thoughts squared away into neat little orderly categories.

It's not working.

My mind has a billion things going on. Have you ever heard the quote: Men's brains are like waffles, women's brains are like spaghetti? At first I didn't get it, but then whoever was telling me about it said that most men think things through one square at a time. You can cut off one little square of a waffle and the rest of the waffle is unaffected. But women's brains........oh my. You try to pick up ONE noodle of spaghetti and it upsets the whole pile, right?!? I can't take one thought at a time because each thought leads to something else. For example: I was thinking about changing all the stuff from my old planner to my new planner. Which made me think of writing down all my new account numbers for bills I've aquired this year. Which made me think of Tommy's hospital bill. Which made me think, "Oh my gosh! It's been almost a year since we were in the hospital!! My son is almost ONE!!" Which in turn, led me to wonder what I should serve for his birthday party. Which of course reminded me that my mom's birthday is today! Are you with me? Does anyone else do that??? Add pregnancy to my already spaghetti-like brain and I'm a wreck.

So I'm gonna do my mid week randoms a little early so I can write my thoughts down and hopefully start with a clean slate in the morning (yeah right).

*I sometimes forget I'm pregnant.Truly. Then something happens that shocks me into reality, like seeing my sono picture or hearing someone refer to "the new baby."

*I am SOOOO going on a diet after this one comes out. Yuck. I was JUUUUST back to my pre-pregnancy weight (which was not ideal in the first place) when I found out I was pregnant. Sigh. Baby is totally worth it, but I went shopping yesterday and wanted to cry at how everything was fitting.

*Tommy was mean to me this morning. I tried to give him a kiss and he slapped my face! What?!? And me being the mature, wise mother I am gave him my best pouty face (that I was SO not faking) and said, "Fine. I didn't want a kiss from you anyways, meanie!" Yes, I instantly reverted back to 1st grade behavior in that moment.

*Is it EVER gonna snow in Kansas?!? I mean come ON! It's winter and only 1 day of flakes. This girl needs to see the white stuff.

*My crafty Christmas fell through. One craft got done. One. But that's okay. Maybe next year.......hahahahaha!

*Holy smolies, my sister gets married in like 8 months. We gots some work to do!

*Nick was on first shift for a week and it was AWESOME. Tommy became a total cling-on to his daddy and I loved it. They're so funny together. Tommy's new thing is trying to bite our feet. Ew. Let's just say there was a lot of attempts at foot biting and lots of dad saying, "NOOOOO! Don't do it!!!!" and Tommy laughing hysterically and starting the process all over again.

*I would love to do Dave Ramsey's financial freedom program. But I'm scared. And it costs like $150 to do which is ironic because it's a program to pay off bills. Ha!

*My back went out on New Year's Eve. What am I, 90? I literally had to hobble around, bent over at the waist in order to walk anywhere. It got better on New Years Day but then my muscles spasmed and it started all over again. Bummer.

*I've had a cold for 2 weeks. Tylenol Cold and flu is NOT helping. Per my doctor's nurse, I can take Sudafed if I REEEEAAAAALLLY need to but it could be damaging to the fetus, so Dr. Davis doesn't recommend it. Okay nurse, do you REEEEAAAALLLY think I'm going to even CHANCE taking Sudafed no matter how bad I REEAAAALLLLY need it if there's even a .0000001% chance of it hurting my unborn child???

This is as far as my mind can get right now. I'm too tired to think anymore. Cross your fingers my spaghetti head calms down and I can get some things done! Happy 2012 everyone. May it be as chaotically wonderful as 2011.

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Countrymama05 said...

I am looking forward to snow too, everyone else says I'm crazy, but what is winter all about?