Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

Oh hush. I'm only 16 days late in posting this. It's been just a mere 2 weeks since Christmas. Anyone else find that rediculously insane? It feels like I've already lived a lifetime since Christmas. But I digress. Back to Christmas. For my whole life, we've gotten together with my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve. This year was no different :) But before we went, we let Tommy open his very first Christmas present from us. We decided to start the tradition of getting him pajamas on Christmas Eve that he can open and wear to bed that night. 
His excitement is just thrilling, right? ;)
"Pajamas? You got me PAJAMAS as my first ever Christmas present?"
"Are these 100% cotton? Cause I won't wear them if they're not 100% cotton."
Opening that present really wore him out so he had to rest with dad for awhile.
After Tommy opened his present, we laid around for awhile and then got ready to go to my aunt's house at 11:00am to start eating and partying......and eating. A lot. We had an ugly Christmas sweater competition and let me just say, we were a FIERCE looking family.
Our little gang

The newly engaged couple (but this is how they really dress all the time ;)....I'M KIDDING!

The whole gang that participated
It was a lot of fun to see what people came up with. We had an adult division and a child's division. Whitney won the adults. She had a sweater with all kinds of tacky decorations and her sweater LIT UP!! What?!? How does a person make that happen? Beckett won the children's division. He was wearing a Christmas sweater vest with nothing underneath. Hilarious.
The two winners!!
Tommy got to open a TON more presents (he even got to open some for his new sibling!).

He opened his first one from Uncle Rusty (a Sesame Street DVD he LOVES) but he kept chewing on it, so he was distracted from the rest of his presents.

He got a cowboy hat and boots from Granny
And somehow I missed getting a picture, but he got the cutest outfit from Auntie Paula--a rockin pair of jeans and a blue and orange vest (Broncos baby!!). He also got some Thomas the Train bath toys which he loves!

After we finished Christmas at my aunts, we went to Nick's parents house for their family Christmas. Tommy was tired and a little grumpy by that time but perked up a little after he ate. He got some fun stuff! He got a singing and dancing dog that claps and says "uh-oh." He got socks and sippy cups, which were desperately needed. He got an awesome little easy chair that he loves to sit in. It's so cute! And it matches our furniture perfectly, which is a bonus!

relaxing like a big boy, talkin on his cell phone.

His cousin Mackayla got this HUGe dinosaur that lit up and growled and it was a remote control. It was the hit of the night :)
And I just had to throw this picture in. I got Belle some headbands and they kept putting them on over their hair so they looked like 80s rock stars! Hilarious. 
We stayed there until around 9pm then headed home for some SLEEP!! The next morning we opened presents with just me, Tommy and Nick. It was a lovely little morning.

Nick's present to Tommy.....yeah. More like a present for himself :) It worked out great though. Nick would shoot the gun and Tommy would go get the arrows.

Helping daddy open his gift
He got books galore for Christmas
Then we went to my mom's after church. We opened MORE presents (man, I'm getting tired just writing this post. We had a busy few days).

Brooke got him this cute little Nike jogging suite and mom got him some Nike shox. So cute! He looks pimpin in them.

He also got lots of books, socks, a police car, DVDs and a million other things I'm sure I'm forgetting. Christmas was awesome for him. And us. It was so much fun to have him with us and added special meaning to the holiday.Thank you God for the blessing our family is to us! And I'm going to end this post with a fasion shoot. Mom got Tommy a "My 1st Christmas" onesie in a size 24 months (that's all they had--and I found it ironic because that would have to be a huge kid to wear a 24 month onesie when the max age they should be is a year old!). Needless to say, it was a bit large, but he worked it!! He just might have a future as a model. I think it's the emotion in his face that really comes through.
"Show me sassy."

"Now sexy!! Show me sexy!"

Aaaaannnd there he is!! THAT'S what my boy usually looks like :)

Next year I'll have TWO babies!! Yikes!! That's still mind boggling to think about. May next year be as good as this one!

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Elane said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. Love seeing pictures of Little Tommy, so fun to see family in ugly Christmas sweaters :), and love that you went to church on Christmas Sunday!
Cousin Elane