Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Midweek Randoms

*It is just now starting to REALLY hit me that I'm pregnant. Holy smolies.
*Tommy goes in for his 1 year check up Monday and I'm excited to see how much he weighs and what the heck that persistant rash is on his body (my thoughts is excema, but we'll see).

*I have my 2nd OB appt on Wednesday next week and can't wait to hear that little heartbeat again! It'll be Nick's first time to hear it. I'm hoping the appt after that will be when we find out the sex because I'll be about 18 weeks when I should have to go back. Finger's crossed!!

*I roomed a 9 year old today that couldn't put down her cell phone down long enough for me to get her blood pressure. She was playing a Barbie app. Note to parents: if your child is young enough to play with Barbies, they DON'T NEED THEIR OWN CELL PHONE!!!

*I need to go to a women's bible study or something. I need fellowship with other mom's who get what I'm going through on a daily basis. Must start that search soon :)

*Have you ever noticed that popcorn is one of those foods that you don't really think about until you smell it and then you must have it, immediately! Or is that just me?

*Have I mentioned I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby ;) ? I would really like to know so I can figure out what to do about decorating their rooms. If it's a boy, he'll share w/ Tommy but if it's a girl, I'll take full advantage of decorating a cute and girly room all her own.

*There's a shirt that I saw a tutorial for that I want to try to make SO badly but I just can't find the time to do it.

*We had a patient today that wanted us to see her for free and give her free medication and when we wouldn't do that, she threatened to hire an attorney and sue us. So let me get this have enough money for an attorney, but not to pay for your kid's seizure medication? Interesting. Your right, lady. The whole world should bow down to you because you are entitled. Yeah. right.

*I started reading the book Courageous and LOVE it. A guy in there says something that's so true. He said you start to see the world through the eyes of your job. My job has tainted my first impressions of people. And it makes me sad.

*Please pray for my hubby's guys on 3rd shift to start operating their equipment more safely. Just for his whole job in general would be great :)

*I can't wait to go home and snuggle my baby!

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