Monday, January 16, 2012

I'll take a full night of sleep with a side of consistancy, please!

So, I've not been sleeping well. Hence the title of today's post. My dear, sweet, angelic baby boy has been doing some random night time things.

Let me start with this. When daddy went to 3rd shift, mommy started letting another man sleep in her bed.  A cute, cuddly, blond haired and blue eyed boy who is even more precious when he's asleep than he is when he's awake. I know, I know, you're not supposed to let kids sleep in your bed. I really didn't mind except for the fact that he moves around like crazy in our huge bed and I don't get much sleep and I worry constantly that he's going to fall off the bed. So we went through a session of crying it out. Which was horrible. I hate it, because it's my fault he got used to sleeping in the bed anyways and then he's the one who had to cry through it until he learned he can't sleep with mommy anymore. I really didn't want to have to do it, but I figured with a new baby on the way, it would be better to get it done now than later. So the first night, he cried and Cried and CRIED. For an hour. I finally got up and left the bedroom because I couldn't stand hearing him and not picking him up. After I left, he cried for about 5 more minutes and then stopped. I stayed in the living room for another 15 minutes thinking he was sleeping. I went back in there and the poor baby was just sitting in his pack and play watching the door..........just WAITING for me to walk in. It took literally all of my strength not to pick him up and cuddle him, but I just laid down in bed and then I heard him rustling around a bit and he finally fell asleep. The next night was the same process, but it only lasted about 25 minutes. The night after that, he slept all through the night!! I was so happy!!!!1

But lately.........he's been waking up and crying. Just for a minute or so and then he goes right back to sleep but he's done it a few times a night for the last week. Then I stay awake for about 20 minutes each time he wakes up. Last night, he cried for quite awhile but I think he was teething. Add his crying to getting up to go the bathroom 3 or 4 times a night and I sleep for maybe 5 hours a night. Lovely.

So if you all could just pray for a consistant schedule, that would be great! I want him to stop waking up because I know it doesn't make for a peaceful night for me OR him. And there's no rhyme or reason to why he wakes up or what time of night or what night of the week. It's totally random. Someday, I WILL have a kid who sleeps all night. Right? Fingers crossed that the one baking in the oven is a good sleeper :) Momma needs some rest!

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Countrymama05 said...

It will get better! You will look back at this and laugh, or you may never even remember this, or even if you do, he won't... You are doing the right thing. Stay strong mama!