Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midweek Randoms

And what a crazy week this has been!

*I wasn't going to do a theme for Tommy's birthday party.........until today. Today--THREE days before his party---I decided to do a theme. And I'm very excited, but there's some work to do. Why oh why do I procrastinate?

*I have been waking up around 5am every morning. Someone please tell me how to fix this. I'm exhausted.

*I am eating peanut butter toast like there is no tomorrow. For breakfast, sometimes for lunch and on a rare occasion (is that spelled right? Looks rediculously wrong) even for dinner.

*I can't believe I have an almost-one-year-old. Where did the time go?

*We watched Yo-Gabba-Gabba the other day and I truly believe my retinas were permenantly scarred and that every actual human being on that show is high on acid and shrooms. Tommy loved it. Scary.

*I just realized JUST now that I frown when I type. Not on purpose, but I'm frowing even as I'm typing about frowing while I type (did you get all that?)

*I was just talking to a girl at work about how Wichita needs food trucks when lo and behold, a man walks in advertising that he sells tacos from his food truck and will deliver them here!! What?!? Tacos---DELIVERED???? Yes please.

*I'm getting a girl's night (plus Tommy of course) tonight. Sometimes I wish I had a girl's night without Tommy but that would require a husband on first shift. But on the plus side, Nick did say his start time got moved to 8:30pm, so at least he won't have to leave the house at 6:00pm anymore.

*I want to sew. Badly. But again, there's the whole Tommy thing. I have many a project in my mind and one child too many to get them done without waiting until he's in bed (and by that time, I'm too exhausted to think about measuring, cutting, sewing, etc.)

Stay tuned for pics of Tommy's first b-day! His party is Saturday and I'm getting super excited and super sad that my baby is almost ONE!!!

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