Thursday, January 12, 2012

Midweek Randoms

I wish I had a way to type out the sound of a sigh. Any suggestions? This week has been sooooooooo long and exhausting. I'm bone-tired. I never understood that expression until I got older, had a full time job and had a kid. The kid thing did me in to bone-tired folks. Actually, being PREGNANT and having a kid did me in. But totally worth it.

*So, the tired thing is #1 on my list. It constantly interrupts my random thoughts all the time :)

*My desk is close to the bathrooms where I work and people CONSTANTLY ask me if someone is already in  the bathroom. I WANT to say, "I'm a nurse, not the freakin keeper of the bathroom." But what I REALLY say is, "I'm not sure. Did you try turning the door handle?"  I feel that's a nice enough way to get my point across that all they have to do is knock or try to open the door and if someone says, "I'm in here" or the door doesn't open, that means the bathroom is occupied. Common sense, folks.

*These are things I had missed about pregnancy--feeling the baby kick, hearing the heartbeat, knowing I get an awesome gift in 9 months........that's about it. These are things I had NOT missed about pregnancy---nausea, headaches, fatigue, being felt up by my doctor every 4 weeks, peeing at night, boob pain (WAY worse w/ this one than w/ Tommy), back pain, worrying constantly that everything's okay with the new baby. Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

*The k-tag was broke this morning, so there was a HUUUUUUUGE line to get through the turnpike. Which made me later than I already was :(
*On the brighter side, how bout that snow last night?!? Loved it! I was tucked in warm with my sweet baby boy all night.

*I mentioned to a friend at work that I wanted to do the Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom program and she has already done it and volunteered to give me all her materials!! Total answer to prayer!

*I have seen Nick for a total of about 1 hour since Sunday. SUPER crappy.

*I'm addicted to reality TV. Still. I tried to stop watching it, but it didn't work. I specifically enjoy a good episode of Teen Mom 2, The bachelor, Dance Moms, Real Housewives, etc. You name it, I'll watch it.

*I had my first OB appt yesterday. It went well and I LOVE the PA I saw--Mandy Twist. But my blood pressure was high: 138/90. Stupid blood pressure. I didn't have that problem until about 36 weeks with Tommy, so lots of prayers it was a one time thing. I go back in 2 weeks to check up and listen to the heartbeat!

*Tommy turns 1 in 8 days. Really?!? I have no clue what to get him or what to tell other people to get him since he just had a HUGE Christmas.

Okay, my brain can't handle any more today. Must. get.sleep. Until next time, folks.

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