Friday, January 20, 2012

This is it


This is it. The day mom has been thinking about since you were born. Ridiculous, I know. But it's true. I've been imagining the day you would turn one for a long time now. Not that I was wishing away time, but I've just spent so much time pondering who you would be when you were one. What would your personality be like? Would you be walking? Talking? Quiet and content or loud and crazy? What will you look like when you're one? Would you still be a blonde? How about the eyes--would the eyes stay blue?

And my questions are finally answered. And I'm SO excited to see how far you've come and oh so sad to see how fast the last year has gone. I'm gonna be corny here and say I remember your birth story like it was yesterday. But I do! I could go back and tell you minute by minute what happened (although that skill will probably deminish somewhat through the years as your young and vibrant mother starts aging-ha!). I remember holding you and when you curled up, you were the length of my arm from my elbow to my palm. I could hold you against me without any effort. Your 0-3 months clothes were all too big for you and you were drowing in your carseat that we brought you home in.

And now..........NOW I have the answers to all my questions. Who are you at one year old? You are Tommy. Your personality is yours and yours alone! You are a little boy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to let us know it. And if you don't get it, you get extremely ticked.....but usually just for a minute or two. Then it's like you have an epiphany, stop crying and move onto something else. I hope that trait sticks with you. Because life is a lot of "not what you want" and "getting over it."

Are you walking at one year old? Um, YES. Running is more like it. You've been walking since you were 9 months old and now that you do it effortlessly, you are fast. Like, lightening fast. Like, if I take my eyes off you for 1 second, you're GONE fast. Unfotunately, you still forget that sometimes you have to look at the ground to make sure your path is clear and you do a lot of tripping over things that you should've seen.

Are you talking at one year old?'re noisy :) We'll put it that way. You say mama, dada, nana and dog. And one time I'm pretty sure you said my friend Hannah's name. Never when we TELL you to say those words will you actually do it, but you DO say them. You especially say dada a lot. When he leaves for work in the evenings, as soon as he starts going up the stairs you yell, "DAAAAAD! Dadadadadadada!!!" And you continue to do that for a good 5 minutes after he's gone. Your uncle Brandon SWEARS one time when he walked in the door you said, "Who is it?" But nobody believes him :)

Are you quiet and content or loud and crazy? Definitely NOT quiet and content. You have to be on the move CONSTANTLY! You never. stop. moving. It makes mommy so tired. And you're usually jabbering about something while you're moving. You fight going to sleep and will "talk" just to make yourself stay awake until you FINALLY conk out mid-giggle.

What do you look like at one year old? Oh my. You're so handsome it takes my breath away on a daily basis. You lucked out and got the best of mom and the best of dad. You DO still have blond hair and you DO still have blue eyes. And I'm sooooo glad. Because you were born that way, but everyone kept saying, "It's gonna change! His hair and eyes won't stay that color for long." But they were wrong! You are the cutest little thing. In the mornings, you have major bed-head (which you come by honestly). When YOU think you're being really funny, you scrunch your nose up and laugh at the same time. When you're dancing, you put one arm up in the air and bend your knees and shake your butt. It's hilarious! When someone comes over, you hear the door open and you immediately start trying to look up the stairs to see who it is. You're always doing SOMETHING cute!

A few more random stats about you at one: This morning, on your first birthday, you had your very last drink of formula!! Yay!!! We thought we'd be able to start saving some money once you were off formula, but nope. We're gonna keep buying it for your new baby brother or sister. You drank out of a bottle for the last time about 4 days ago. We just started putting your formula in a sippy cup and you didn't care one bit. Hopefully you'll like milk as much as you like formula! You're still about 25 or 26 pounds and 30 inches tall. You wear size 12 month mostly. You can wear some 18 month clothes, but the pants are all a little big in the waist, but the length of the 18 month pants is much better for your long legs! You wear size 4 diapers. And you never poop in a dirty diaper. You wait until we change it and THEN do your business. You don't like baths as much as you used to. You'll play a little, but we always have to get you out early because you try standing up and walking, which is NOT okay in a slippery tub. You love music and dancing and having books read to you, but only if YOU get to turn the pages. You just started "cuddling" things. You'll pick up your sock monkey or your doggy and squeeze them real hard and lay your head down on them. It's very sweet.

You, my son, are everything. You are why I get up in the morning. You (and daddy) are the only things that are guaranteed to make me smile EVERY day. You are the only person I can get mad at and want to hug in the very same second. You are a big boy, but still my baby boy. I can't wait to see you be a big brother and I can't wait to see what else this next year has in store for you. You are awesome--as in I am truly awed by you. God gave me everything I could ever want wrapped up in one tiny little blond haired, blue eyed bundle. I'm sorry for all the times I've already failed you as a parent and for the times in the future when I know I won't do things exactly the right way. And please know there is NOTHING in the world you could do to make me stop loving you, no matter how hard you try :) So on your first birthday, I pray that your health stays good, your heart grows even bigger and kinder and your smile never goes away. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy birthday, sweet boy.


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Oh my goodness...I started crying while reading this. I'm so happy for you Brady! You have done so well with Tommy, he's the greatest. I wish I could be there tomorrow for his birthday. I hope you guys have an awesome time and you post lots of pictures!