Thursday, May 7, 2015

The zoo!

Lions and tigers and bears....and giraffes and tortoises and flamingos and gorillas....need I go on? This week was Tommy's school field trip to the zoo and it was SO fun!

I took the day off work to go with him and I'm so glad I did. We don't have a very good history of trips to the zoo. The only 2 times I remember are once when I was about 5 months pregnant with Tommy and it was 700 degrees outside and then once when we took him and he was about 1 year old and he ended up puking all over himself and the stroller. Not the two best days of my life.

But I digress.....

I was a little stressed over going since it hasn't always been fun, but was hoping this time would be better. And it was! My friend (whose daughter, Katie, is in Tommy's class) came also and brought her double stroller, so Tessa cruised around in that the whole time with her buddy, Tucker. And Tommy had so much fun playing with Katie that he didn't have time to think about whining (thank you, Jesus!).

We saw EVERY animal at that zoo. And it's a big zoo. But at least this time the animals were active and moving around. I feel like whenever we go, they're always lounging around in the sun doing nothing. The black bears were strolling, the orangutans were swinging and the penguins were putting on a show. We got to the giraffes just in time to feed them!

 Their tongues are really slimy and REALLY long. Tommy loved it.....Tessa, not so much. She kept dropping her lettuce before the giraffe actually got it, so then he would stick his head on the floor and sweep his tongue side to side to try to find the lettuce. It was so funny! But she was over it once she felt the tongue. And I don't blame her!

One of the giraffes was being a rebel and somehow managed to get down in the super deep ditch that's supposed to keep the huge, wild animals away from pedestrians.......kinda scary. The zoo keeper said the rocks that form the barrier have sunken into the ground so much that they can get down in the ditch now. And she didn't act like they were too concerned about getting it fixed anytime soon! At least giraffes are fairly tame.......right?

We went through the petting zoo and I was impressed this time. Last year, the kids were both too terrified to touch the animals, but they did better! Tommy walked right up and petted (is that a real word?) the sheep and Tessa sloooooooowly stuck her hand out, felt it's wool and then walked away. She wasn't a fan. I was anxious to get out of there because there was this little black lamb that kept running into things and shaking his head and slinging snot and foam everywhere. It was disgusting and I did NOT want lamb snot on me. So it was a quick walk through :)

The kids loved getting this close to a tiger!

However, after we saw them, Tommy said, "But mom, where's the REAL tigers? You know, the really orange ones?" I had to explain that those WERE real and he was in denial because in his mind, tigers are bright orange! It was cute :)

After a few hours, we met his class and all ate lunch together. It was fun to watch him interact with the kids because I never get to see that! After lunch, we finished making our way out of the zoo. The kiddos were SO tired and ready to be home. We stopped for ice cream on the way home to cool us down (it got HOT at the zoo!) and then the kids conked out.

I'm so glad I got to spend the day with my sweet babies! 

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