Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to me!

So, I turned 31 this week. And got a few new gray hairs, so there's that. I feel like I'm getting to the age where birthdays just aren't THAT big of a deal.

Don't get me wrong. I still love the gifts and attention :) I just don't get quite as excited about being 31 as I was about turning 16, 21, etc.

But my family and friends still go above and beyond to make it a super special day! My mom always gets us a present to open for every hour of our work days, so that always gives us something to look forward to! I got some kitchen towels and oven mitts, candy, nail polish, loofahs, hair ties..........all sorts of stuff that I wanted AND needed (my favorite kind of gift).

She also gave me a card with money in it to buy myself breakfast and lunch. Unfortunately, I was running WAY behind (because that's what I do in life) and didn't have time to get breakfast. But I just happen to work with my bestie, who texted to ask if I wanted her to get me something from McDonald's. So I took her up on her offer and of course, she denied my money when I tried to pay her back (because that's what SHE does in life--she's a giver!).

The girls at work all signed a card and Judy made me the most delicious cake--it was angel food cake with a caramel-y frosting. It was soooooo good, so I asked what all was in it and she said butter, cream and sugar. And I thought, "DUH! Of COURSE that's why it tastes so good!" You just cannot go wrong with butter, cream and sugar.

Right before lunch time, my sweet cousin brought me a diet coke and a HUGE cupcake that tasted a little like heaven.  On my lunch break, Hannah (the afore mentioned bestie that I work with) and I went to Wal-mart. I wanted to do a little browsing and found a pair of shoes I liked. Well, being the giver that she is, she took them from me at the checkout and refused to let me pay.......again. And I appreciate her generosity. And the lovely new shoes I got :)

After work, my family all met at Mediterranean Grill. I love it because it's tasty food but it's not super heavy, so you don't feel overly stuffed or like you gained 20 lbs by the end of the meal. My favorite part about birthday dinners is just having my whole family all in one spot where we can talk and relax without having to worry about making the food,  serving or cleaning up afterwards.

They spoiled me with MORE presents--I got money (which paid for a new iphone!), shoes, a drink dispenser that looks like a HUGE mason jar, earrings, tupperware, and a cutting board. I loved it all!

After dinner, my mom, Tessa and I went shopping at Kohl's. I bought a few shirts, but it was pouring down rain and we got soaked just walking to the door, so that was our one and only shop! I headed home and opened my present from Nick and the kids. They got me a $75 gift card to Lane Bryant! Happy shopping to me :)

I didn't get to celebrate with Nick's side of the family until Tuesday, but his dad grilled some super tasty brats and we had chips and fruit salad with it and it SO hit the spot! My sister-in-law made some killer strawberry scones that we topped off with a little ice cream and fresh strawberries---YUM!
This picture doesn't do it justice!!

After dessert, I got to open gifts......I got more money, the cutest bag and a cookbook. It was such a great night! I love that we both enjoy being with both sides of our families and that it's always fun and relaxing when we all hang out!

Overall, it was the perfect way to spend my 31st birthday--with the people I love, showering me with gifts....(just kidding about the gifts....kind of). Now, I'm off to spend that gift card!! ;)

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