Friday, May 8, 2015

Tea Time 2015

Yesterday, I got to spend the morning with my sweet guy at preschool! They had a Mother's Day Tea and it was such a cute, fun morning!

I dropped Tommy off at school at 8:30am and then the mom's were supposed to come back at 10am for a little snack and program. When I showed up to Tommy's classroom, he "escorted" me to my table. Then he went up to the table to get our snack and he served me fruit salad and water. It was delicious and all the kids helped "make" it.

After we ate, they read aloud these letters they had written where our kids filled in the blanks. I was a little nervous to see what he would have to say about me, but he did pretty good!
I had two favorite things---the first one was where he said I was very good at cooking bread. Ha! I've never actually MADE bread (other than banana bread). I asked him what he meant by that and he said I'm good at cooking biscuits and cinnamon rolls and making toast :) Sweet boy.

I also love at the very bottom where he said if he could give me anything in the world, he would give me a picture of a caterpillar! SO funny! Of all the things........some kids said cars, some said shoes......and he picked not just a caterpillar, but a PICTURE of a caterpillar. I asked him why he chose that and he said, "Because, mommy! I just know how you LOVE those caterpillars." Oooookaaayy.......I actually don't enjoy caterpillars or bugs of any sort, but I LOVE that for some reason, he thought of that.

It was so nice to hear his thoughts on me and to get to spend the morning just hanging out and chatting with him!

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