Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Original title, I know. But really, what else can it be called?

This Easter was PERfect. Literally could not have been better!

The day BEFORE Easter.........not so awesome. Tessa started getting sick in the middle of last week. She was super congested and coughing up phlegm and had a runny, snotty, GREEN nose (yuck). Nick took her to the doctor and they started her on a steroid. Of course, a few days later, Tommy started having the same junk. So we "borrowed" some of Tessa's steroids and gave some to him too ;) Yeah, I'm that mom.

Friday night was horrible. They both coughed all night and I think we all slept maybe four or five hours total in very small, random spurts. Needless to say, on Saturday, they were not any better. I hated to miss our extended family's big Easter egg hunt, but I knew having the kids outside all day would not make them any better. So we stayed home and ventured out for a little grocery shopping, but that's about it.

I prayed so hard all night on Saturday that they would wake up healed on Sunday morning because they were just miserable. I was really hoping to have a good Easter with both of the and didn't think it was going to happen.

But it DID! They both slept great on Saturday night. They woke up in excellent moods with minimal coughing. They had snotty noses, but I can handle that! And they ACTED like they felt better, which was more important to me. I hate when they act like they'd rather be sleeping than playing. It makes me so sad.

We got up and got around and headed to church. They looked so cute, but it was next to impossible to get a good picture of both of them.

We finally got a kind of good one.........
Then somebody started getting grumpy.....
And somebody else started looking like a young man instead of a toddler....
We didn't get a family shot the whole day. This is the closest we got....

We went to an EXCELLENT church service! It was SO good and all about redemption and hope. After church, we went back to our house and hosted a little Easter egg hunt and lunch for my family and Nick's family. It was so much fun! Tommy had a blast with his whole family!
Tommy actually got on his four wheeler and rode it (after Nana tricked him and made him think she was on the back!) 
Tessa Grace was in Heaven because she had plenty of people to pay attention to her!
The weather was beautiful and perfect. We spent all afternoon eating and playing and egg hunting and having an egg toss and was like a little slice of Heaven right here on Earth. Tommy fell asleep at 7:30pm. I tried my hardest to get him to listen to the Easter story but he was completely out of it :) So I read to Tess! I can't thank Him enough for dying on the cross for our sins but even more so for rising again!

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