Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Tessa's turn

True to form, Tessa has once again followed in her brother's footsteps. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember a post I wrote about Tommy's first near death experience Tommy's first attempt at banana puffs. Not a fun day. I've been super paranoid about Tessa choking on something ever since she was born.

Last night, we fed her canned carrots and green beans. She'd had carrot baby food, but never whole cooked carrots. Later in the night, she started acting really weird. She kept squirming a lot and messing with her mouth. When it came time for her bed time bottle, she would take a few drinks, then stop and fuss, then take a few more, then fuss some more. I thought maybe the carrots were getting to her tummy or something. I gave her some gas medicine. But then she started gagging. She would be perfectly fine and then gag like she was getting ready to vomit. She did that a LOT. I was kind of nervous about it and I was wondering if maybe she had swallowed something that we didn't see. We just kept an eye on it. She eventually fell asleep and was fine, so I wrote it off as a weird fluke.

We woke up this morning and she did okay at first, but then started gagging again before she'd even had anything to eat. I got SUPER worried. I was seriously considering taking her in for an x-ray to see if she had eaten something she shouldn't have. I called Nick but he didn't answer, so I was thinking about what to do. She wouldn't drink the bottle I had made. She started crying hard. I could tell she was hungry but wasn't eating, which is SO not normal for my little oinker :) Luckily, she held her head juuuust the right way and I saw something white in her mouth. I stuck my finger in and dug around her tongue and gums. Nothing. But I KNEW I had seen something, so I pried her mouth open (with MUCH protesting from Tessa Grace) and found it.

She had a silky tag STUCK to the roof of her mouth! You know the rectangular shaped ones that are usually on stuffed animals or something like that? I had to try to scrape it off. No wonder the poor girl was irritated and not eating and gagging. I felt so bad. She had that in her mouth overnight. I can only imagine how frustrating it was for her to feel that and to gag on it but not to have the means to get it out herself. Poor baby girl.

But as SOON as I dug it out, she grabbed that bottle and sucked it dry! There's no keeping that little girl down! Have I mentioned I love her juuuust a little bit?

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