Sunday, April 7, 2013


Randoms about me:

*I almost always go to bed with socks on and almost always have them off when I wake up and no recollection of taking them off during the night.

*I hate, HATE the sound of styrofoam, napkins rubbing together, cotton being pulled apart and dry q-tips in my ears

*I also hate the FEEL of all of those things. Gives me the willies just thinking about it!

*I think milk smells like a wet dog and won't drink it if I can smell it.

*I have to fall asleep with a blanket across my stomach, but off my feet and head.

*I love marker boards.

*I don't love the ocean that much. Is it beautiful? Yes. Is it fun to swim in salt drenched water? No.

*If one of my hands gets wet, I have to get the other one wet too. OCD? Maybe.

*I didn't notice until my husband pointed it out, but I never take the foil seal all the way off. You know the ones on yogurt or butter or peanut butter that are under the hard lid? I peel them back, but never take them all the way off.

*I love the sound of typing, high heels on hard floors, bubble gum popping, and old lady voices.

*I have to have perfume on all the time. I feel naked without it. I have 4 bottles of it in my purse right now :)

*It drives me CRAZY when people go in the exit and out the entrance. They're labeled that way for a reason!

*I prefer the off-brand of everything.

*I am HORRIBLE at golf. Like, I hit the ball once out of every 4 swings IF I'm lucky.

*I love tons of ice in my drinks. I can't stand when there's only a few ice cubes floating around in there.

*Birds creep me out.

*I HATE using pencil to write. I will not touch them unless it's my only option.

*I brush my teeth 3 times a day at the minimum.

*It really bothers me when the dresser drawers aren't closed all the way....even if it's just a crack

*In fact, I like all doors to be shut (and I've noticed Tommy does too)

*Even though a guy I worked with proved it to me, I'm still not convinced that snakes poop. I mean, have you ever SEEN snake poop?? Anybody?

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