Friday, April 26, 2013

9 months

Tessa Grace, you are NINE months old! That means in 3 months...13 weeks......91 days....2,184 hours.....131,040 minutes, you will be ONE YEAR OLD (go ahead and check my math---I know you're dying to :) How is that possible, little girl?

At 9 months, you are:

*around 20 lbs.

*26 1/2 inches

*in size 3 diapers

*in mostly size 12 month clothes. You can baaaaaarely squeeze into a few 6-9 month stuff, but if it's not made to fit loosely, it ain't happenin :)

*in size 3 shoes. Not that you keep them on your feet EVER.

*SO close to walking. We got out your little toy that you can push and walk behind and I think it's given you a whole new lease on life :) You can get places much faster than crawling and it makes you VERY happy. You look pleased as pie with yourself when you're walking that toy around!

*a little piglet. You LOVE eating. We're pretty much done with baby food. We give you a jar every now and then, but you've been eating table food for the most part. You really love green beans, peaches, tangerines, peas, bread, potatos...okay, everything but carrots!

*such a sweet girl. You give the best snuggles and kisses. I love it! You almost ALWAYS wake up with a smile on your face!

*a drama queen. Like, a pro at being a drama queen. Sometimes you'll just start screaming because nobody is looking at you and when we all look your way, you stop and just smile. When you and Tommy play, if he takes something from you, you instantly throw your head back and let out the loudest "cry" complete with crocodile tears. And you magically stop when you get your toy back.

*are getting your 4th, 5th AND 6th tooth at the same time. You were SUUUUPER grumpy last weekend and I couldn't figure out why until Monday morning. You had three little teeth popping up--one on each side of the two you already have in the middle on the bottom and another one on the top. Poor baby :(

*trying out a sippy cup. Not going so great yet, but we're working on it :) You weren't very sure about it!

*gonna be an out doors girl. You get so excited to go outside. And I'm pretty sure you got a tan while we were outside for 10 minutes feeding the chickens....lucky! You got your daddy's skin.

*sleeping AWESOME. I could not have asked for a better sleeper. You go to bed around 9:30pm and usually sleep until around 7am. You sometimes wake up in the middle of the night (maybe 1-2 times a week) but I find your paci and you go right back to sleep!

*little miss independent! You think you need to do everything by yourself and you're often found helping yourself to whatever it is you think you HAVE to have!
*waving bye-bye consistantly. It's so cute to see your little hands flapping when I leave every morning for work!

*I'm aaalllmost convinced you know what Mama means. Not 100% sure, but you' ve been saying Mama whenever you are following me around or sometimes when you're reaching for me. I LOVE it!!

Tessa, you are a joy to have as a daughter! I thank God every day that you were born (even though you were the biggest surprise EVER!). You're always so happy and sweet (except when you're teething;). We love you so much and can't wait to see even more of your personality come through!!

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