Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Randoms

*Our sono is moved up to 1/24/12!! Yes!! Only 8 more days until we find out........if the baby cooperates, of course.

*I'm so tired, I think I might be sleeping as I'm typing.

*Nick doesn't have to work Friday night! It's a miracle!! It will be so nice to have 2 full evenings with my husband! Still praying that something works out for him to be on first shift. I have faith it WILL happen!

*I want to feel this baby move. Like 100% no doubt in my mind that it's the baby kicking. I keep thinking I feel it, but it's not consistent enough to be sure.

*I watched the movie Courageous. It was really good, but I wish I wouldn't have read the book first. It totally takes away any suspense the movie might have had.

*Me, my mom and Tommy ate at the Huddle House in El Dorado last night. It was pretty good! And cheap, which is always a bonus.

*I have an urge to go shopping and spend lots of money I don't have. I don't know why. It just hits me sometimes to go buy stuff. Let's hope my will power is stronger than my urges :)

*My husband is going to be 30 in 2 weeks. What?!? Where does the time go? At least I have a few more years before it happens to me ;) I'll be reminding him frequently (until I turn 30 myself, of course) that he's no longer in his twenties.

*I've been drinking a lot of lemonade , pickles, really just sour stuff in general--and munching on candy. My bottom drawer at work is full of candy (Werthers, Red Hots, gummy worms, Jolly Ranchers, lemon heads, etc) because I'll buy something that sounds really good, then just eat a few and be over it.

*I wish I had more time to craft. I can't wait until it's summer because a lot of my crafting/painting needs to be done outside and it's just too cold and gets dark too early to do anything after work.

*I need to find some kind of corral to put Tommy in outside this summer since our yard isn't fenced in and being many months pregnant, I won't be able to catch him if he runs (okay, I probably couldn't catch him even if I WASN'T going to be extremely pregnant!).

aaaaaannnnnnnd.........just because I love this kid and his extremely wacky hair............a picture to end it

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