Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why I love him

*Because he almost always wakes up with a smile, even though he KNOWS I almost never do :)

*Because he loves my son in a way that nobody else ever could

*Because he's patient with my craziness

*Because he has stuck by my side for almost 7 years now, even when he was scared of committment

*Because he knows I love crushed red pepper on everything I eat and bought me a 16 ounce bottle of it

*Because he smiles in a way that makes my knees feel like jelly

*Because he gets along so well with my family, it's like he's always been there

*Because he pretends like he has no idea what day my birthday is, but every May 13th I get a card and present

*Because he refuses to be "mushy" by telling me I'm his best friend, but will quote, "I love you, Ricky-Brady" (a spin off from Ricky-Bobby) whenever I tell him he's mine

*Because he pretends like my hair looks good when it air dries (and trust me, it doesn't)

*Because I can wear pajama pants all day and he still slaps my butt when he walks by

*Because he held my hand through two of the hardest days of my life this year

*Because he makes me laugh when I don't want to

*Because he tells me to drive slower on country roads and to watch out for deer

*Because he'll drop anything--ANYTHING--to help his family or friends

*Because he takes our leftovers to our elderly neighbor and it was his idea to do it

*Because he knows me--inside and out, every little thing about me, annoying or wonderful--and loves me anyway

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