Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You know you're a mom when.......

In the last few days, I've started to realize that I am a MOM. Like, full-on, hair in a ponytail for lack of time, food in your hair, crusties on your clothes MOM. And I've been doing lots of mom things that make me realize I'm a mom. Like the following:

*The other day, I hid cookies underneath my shirt and then once I was downstairs, I hid them under a blanket and would only take a bite when Tommy wasn't looking. Because otherwise he would want a bite and one bite is NOT enough for him and then he freaks out when I say no.

*I found a bottle in my car that had red mold in it. What?! Since when is mold red? Sick.

*I now refer to myself as mommy, even when Tommy's not around. In my head, I'll say, "Mommy needs to go pick up milk at lunch." And then I sigh because of how rediculous I feel when I realized what I've done.

*I shut every door behind me every time I leave a room. It's 2nd nature now because little people get into EVERYTHING.

*I spent 15 minutes last night singing, "Go Tommy, go Tommy, go Tommy!" because he loved it and danced the whole time I sang.

*The Wonder Pets theme song gets stuck in my head most days. Wonder pets, wonder pets, we're on our way!

*Most of my weekends are planned around nap time.

*I have a slight panic attack when I realize we're out of goldfish. My heart starts palpitating and I sweat in fear of the moment when Tommy starts whining and it's the kind of whine that means, "Give me goldfish NOW, Momma!!!" and I have nothing to give him!!

*Every time I put something down, I prethink about where I'm putting it. "Okay, if I put it here, he can use that pillow to stand on and stretch his arm out as far as he can and get it........but if I put it over there, he can climb up on his chair and if he bounces juuuuuust a little bit, he will be able to grab the cord and yank it down."

*I'm scared to death of dying (did you see what I did with that play on words there;). Not because I don't want to die, but because it breaks my heart to think of my husband and my baby living life without mommy there.

*His puke doesn't bother me (yet). That's one of the biggest things that reminds me I am a mommy. I hate vomit. Like, hate it so much I would quit my job before I would clean up someone's puke kind of hate. But Tommy's doesn't bother me one bit. I'm too busy feeling bad for him to think about how disgusting it is.

Having a kid has changed my life drastically, to put it mildly. My thought process for everything is different. My schedule is different. My energy level is different. But it's so worth it. He's awesome in every way. Even when he's hitting me because I said no (we're working on that) or throwing himself on the ground because he didn't get his way (working on that too). So let's end this with a few little reminders of why we moms do what we do:

Be still my heart.

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