Monday, February 20, 2012

13 months

It's time to do my first TODDLER post!! What? I no longer have a baby, I have a toddler. Nuts.

Tommy, at 13 months, you are:

*weighing about 25 lbs and are 29 1/2 inches long. I think you've been 25 lbs since you were about 10 months old, but you keep staying the same weight and growing taller. You've started slimming down and are growing into a little boy rather than a chunky baby!

*wear 12-18 month clothes. You were wearing a lot of 18 month jeans, but now they're getting too big on you around the tummy, so we've been putting you in 12 months stuff. It's kind of an impossible situation because the 12 month pants are almost high waters on you but the 18 month pants almost slide off your butt! What to do, what to do.....

*still wearing size 4 diapers.

*eating like a 13 year old boy! But not really. It seems like you eat all. The. TIME. But when I think about what you're actually eating, it's not that much. You eat your 3 big meals and then you want crackers or a granola bar or cheese or ANYTHING you can get your hands on between meals.

*ornery as sin. Oh my goodness. You have this little grin that you give (as shown below) that lets me know you are getting ready to do or just have done something you KNOW you're not supposed to! It's usually this face followed by a loud crash or you running in to the bathroom to play in the trash or SOMETHING mischievious. Let's just say, you keep us on our toes.

*talking up a storm. Not much of it makes sense, but you're starting to make a lot of word sounds (if that makes sense). It's not so much pointless jabbering now as actual letter sounds. You say dog and dada consistantly and I KNOW you know I am mama but whenever I tell you to say it, you give the face shown above, pause a minute and then say, "dada." And then you and dad laugh. A lot.

*SO stinkin smart! You know what pretty much everything is. We can tell you to get a diaper or your shoe or your hat, etc. and you go right to it and pick it up! You also know what it means to throw something away although you don't always LEAVE the trash in the trashcan after you've thrown it away. We're working on that. Mom can say, "Let's go upstairs!" and your little legs carry you just as fast as they can to the stairs. We just love watching you learn new things every day. It's amazing what you pick up without being intentionally taught.

*able to find your eyes, nose and belly!! I'm truly worried that at some point, you're going to poke your eyes out or get you finger stuck in someone's nose because you get so excited that you just jab really hard at whatever your finding. And for some reason, when you "get someone's nose" you like to stick your finger up their nostril, which is disgusting and extremely surprising to whoever's nose you're getting.

*nosy as all get out. You cannot stand if someone is doing something and you can't see it or be a part of it. You dig through my purse, follow us into the bathroom, throw fits if we leave you and bang on any door that's closed because you're just SURE someone is doing something fun in there.

*have been hitting a lot lately. And I HATE it. I don't want to "spank" your hand because to me, that's hitting to teach you not to hit. So we just hold your hand, tell you it's not nice and ask you to give loves to whoever you hit. And sometimes you look sorry and sometimes you laugh. Lovely.

*so sweet (when you're not hitting-ha!). You snuggle everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Books, phones, stuffed animals, my knees.....if we say, "give it loves," you wrap your arms around it, lean your head to the side and squeeze. It's adorable.

*so funny. You put your hands up and shrug (like you're saying, "I don't know!") ALL the time. Like if I tell you to find something and you can't, you do that. And you do that to pretty much any question we ask. It's so cute.

*love drinking out of water bottles. We finally just started giving you the actual water bottle because you're got it down to where you can get a drink from it without spilling toooo much water. You freak out if you have a cup of water and we have bottles of water, so we just eliminated the cup :)

You are so funny. And smart. And cute. And crazy. I feel like as soon as you turned one, you were a whole new kid, learning whole new things with a whole new attitude. It's so neat (and exhausting) to watch you explore everything. I love your kisses and hugs. I can't get enough of you! I can't wait to see you as a big brother. Tommy, you're getting so big!! I wish I could freeze time, but I know each day with you will bring something new and exciting. I love you, sweet baby.

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