Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Midweek Randoms

It is Wednesday yet again and I am wondering where time has gone. My, oh my how it flies by.

*I need prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. Explanations for the prayers will come another day. Don't worry, it's nothing gigantic, just life.

*I am SOOOO not ready for Christmas! Dang, I better get going.

*I love reading blogs. I can get lost in bloggy land if I let myself. Although it can be heartbreaking to read some of the stories I find on there.

*I got told something today that broke my heart (which will also be explained in a later post).

*My family is having an ugly Christmas sweater competition and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! So fun!

*Tommy has Fifth disease. So sad :( Poor little guy had a fever and vomiting on Friday and Saturday and then broke out in the tell-tale rash of Fifth disease on Monday. 

*I am still not enjoying Nick being on 3rd shift. I have to admit I haven't been TRYING very hard to enjoy it. It's hard. And stinky. And I feel like a single mom. But this too shall pass.

*Someone made popcorn at work and it smelled SOOOOO good, so I was craving some. Luckily another girl decided to make some and asked if anyone wanted to share! Um, yes please.

*I feel frumpy. In everything I wear. Hate that feeling.

*I really need to stop drinking soda. But I CAN'T!!!! It's so dang good!!

*Money is tight. I need to spend it more wisely and I am waiting with bated breath for my Christmas bonus! Please God, oh PLEASE let my boss be in an extra giving mood!! But I will be thankful for every penny that comes my way.

*I had some strawberry shortcake a few days ago that was delicious! So tasty and good.

*I am meeting my friend Ashli at On The Border tonight for dinner and am so excited to see her and her baby girl! I need friend time desperately :) Tommy's great and all, but I need someone who can talk back to me.

That's all the rambling I can handle for now. Hope everyone's having a great week!

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thehobbs said...

I'll put in a good word with the Dr. for you. :)