Tuesday, December 20, 2011

11 months

Today is Tommy's 11 month birthday! Which means he is only ONE month away from being a year old! Crazy.

Tommy, at 11 months you are:

*weighing in around 25 lbs.

*I haven't gotten your length lately, but I would imagine it's still around 29 inches. Your pants aren't any shorter, so I don't think it's changed much since last month.

*wearing size 4 diapers. We someone got a package of size 2 mixed up with your size 4 dipes and the size 2 looked RIDICIOUSLY small. Like, I can't even remember you being that little.

*learning lots of new tricks. You LOVE clapping. For everything. We have to clap when you wake up, we clap when you take a bite, we clap when you drool. Literally, we're clapping all day. It's really funny to watch the game show channel because every time they clap on TV (which is frequently), you clap along!

*really enjoying peek-a-boo. I'll say, "Where's Tommy?" and you'll immediately hide your face behind whatever's available. Or put it on the ground if there's nothing you can reach! Then you pop your little head back up and grin and laugh until I say, "There he is!!!"

*understanding us more and more. We'll tell you to find your paci or get a diaper and you do it! It's awesome and makes the thought of having another child slightly less daunting if I know you'll be following simple commands by the time they're born!

*ready to go full on sippy cup. You don't care what you're drinking out of as long as you're drinking! You want a sip of EVERYTHING we drink. And one is never enough. I'm excited to get you off the bottle. I hate those things. Too bad we have to start all over again in 7 months.

*seeming to mind us a LITTLE better. You are better at doing what we ask you to (usually "Stop touching the electrical sockets!!" "Leave the TV alone!" "Get off those stairs!", etc...). Also, when you pick up something you shouldn't, you hand it right over when we ask you too. I'm hoping this sticks. We'll see soon enough, I'm sure.

*sticking your tongue out. It's so funny! You stick it out and try to look down at it and then laugh. Silly boy.

*SUCH a picky eater. You'll eat something one day and spit it out the next. I feel like we waste a ton of food and you get absolutely no nutrients because you just throw all your food instead of eating it!

*such a sweet baby. You REFUSE to give kisses, but we'll ask for one and then when you walk away, we fake cry and you come back and lay your head on us and pat our body with your little hand. You get very quiet when somebody is upset or acts upset.

*sleeping well at night. You only wake up once and it's because you KNOW your mother will put you in bed with her (yes, he gets in bed with me), but you don't wake up until around 5 and then you sleep again until 8am.

*finally warming up to me more. Don't get me wrong, I know you've always loved me, but for awhile, you were choosing your aunt Brooke over mommy and it made me so sad. But now, you'll come sit on my lap or cuddle with me even when she's there and it makes me feel good! I hate working and leaving you at home and don't ever want you to get confused about who your mommy is!!

Tommy, I am loving being your mommy more and more. You are hilarious! There's something new with you every day and I find my self getting excited for you over the littlest things (like taking a bite of ham!).  You are such a busy boy and I am so excited for Christmas morning with you and your birthday! It's gonna be so much fun (finger's crossed you're in a good mood) and I can't wait to see you be a big brother, too. We love you little big boy!

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