Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Midweek Randoms

This week has been a doozie, my friends.

*I found out something this week about 2 people I know that could ruin the lives of both their families. Horrible, sad, disgusting, mind-blowing. It's been weighing me down ALLLLL week.

*Christmas is in 5 days and my Christmas spirit still hasn't shown up. I sing that song, "Where are you, Christmas?" at least once a day to Nick. He loves it (yeah.right.).

*Tomorrow, I get off at noon and get to go eat On The Border and go shopping with my sister and Tommy! Super excited for that.

*I was convinced for a few days that I had back cancer. There's this one spot on my back that just randomly started hurting and my mind immediately jumped to cancer. I did a lot of praying and casting out fear last night and I'm feeling much more relieved today that I probably slept wrong and I also have a baby squishing things inside me, contributing to the back pain.

*My Christmas bonus this year sucked. Big time. And then we got some rediculous speech about all of us working together as a team from a boss who is the worst team player I've ever encountered. Gag me. Have I mentioned I need a new job? But nobody's gonna hire a pregnant chick :)

*Tommy gets more funny every day. Him and Nick are all I look forward to all day.

*We wore ugly Christmas sweaters to work today! It was funny to see everyone's outfits.

*We also exchanged secret santa gifts. Mine was a bottle of lotion that smelled divine and a $25 gift card to Cracker Barrel. Yummy! It's my favorite after OTB (short for On The Border, for those of you who aren't obsessed with that restaurant).

*I have to do some serious shopping tomorrow. I have NO gifts for anybody but Brooke and Tommy. Oh my. Nick and I are only exchanging $10 gifts since collectively as a family, we're broke :)

*It drives me nuts when patient's come in and I go to get their height and weight and the parents are rediculously obsessive about making sure their child does everything "right" when we're getting vitals. Note to parents: it doesn't matter if they stand in the middle of the scale, slightly to the left, etc. The scale weighs them the same. They do NOT need to take off their shoes, mittens, or earrings that weight .000000002 oz. It's not going to affect their weight enough to matter and it takes FOR-EH-VER when kids take EVERYTHING off and have to put EVERYTHING on. It also doesn't matter if they're facing forward or backward when we get height. It touches the tallest part of their head either way, so RELAX!! Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now, but it reeeeeeeaaaaaaly drives me nuts :)

*My Christmas tree is up, but has no decorations on it :( Should I even bother now or just enjoy it in it's "natural" beauty?"

*I think I have the best mom ever. She cleans when she comes over, writes me prayer cards when I'm worried I have cancer, babysits all the time, listens to me complain (a LOT :) and lets me eat her fresh baked cookies that are supposed to go to her cleaning people. Can't beat it.

*I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for vacation tomorrow!! Thank you Jesus!!!

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