Monday, December 12, 2011

The story of Baby T2

That's right. I'm pregnant!!!! And I'm sharing the whoooooooooole story of Baby T2. It's a long one, so hold on tight and maybe have a snack or two ready to tide you over while you're reading.

So it all started back in October. I had my visit from mother nature and let me tell you, it was a weird one. Lots of lower abdominal pain that I hadn't experienced before and pregnancy symptoms just a few days afterwards, which I don't usually have associated with that time of month. Like,  if I hadn't just had proof that I wasn't pregnant, I would've sworn that I was and risked my life on it. I was SO sure that I might be pregnant that I stopped taking my birth control because I didn't want it to hurt the baby that might possibly be in my tummy (1st mistake). I felt just like I did with Tommy. So I went to the doctor on 10/21/11. Took a blood and urine pregnancy test and both were negative. Okay. So pregnancy was ruled out. They sent me for a sono of my ovaries and found out I had a few cysts and they chalked the abdominal pain up to that and said maybe one of them had burst. They told me to restart birth control after I had another period. And I thought my troubles were over.

Theeeeen, the next few weeks after my appointment I kept feeling super nauseous in the mornings, my upper-body lady parts were very tender, I was EXHAUSTED. And then, the tell tale sign of pregnancy occurred. I cried. Over a song on the radio. Which never happened other than when I was pregnant with Tommy. But I had a couple episodes of spotting, so I thought there was no way I could be pregnant. So the next day, November 16th, on my lunch break, I thought, "What the heck? Might as well take a test just to make sure and give myself peace of mind, one way or the other." At least I wouldn't be stuck in 'what-if' land. So I went to Dillons, found the cheapest test I could since I knew it would be negative and drove back to work to take it. I did my business on the stick and.........nothing happened. The pink control line showed up, but nothing else. I was slightly disappointed, not because we were TRYING to get pregnant, but because I thought I was but had been trying not to get my hopes up. But apparently, they were up. Because I was kinda sad that it was negative. But onward I went, started putting it back in it's package to throw away and WAIT!! Lo and behold, the faintest, lightest of pinks was started to show up on the test line!! I heard my bestie at work come in the back door, so I threw the bathroom door open, shoved my pee stick in her face and said, "Do you see one line or two?!?" All she said was, "Girl, you're pregnant!!!!" Talk about shocked. We laughed and hugged and jumped up and down before I almost fainted from the, "Holy cow, what am I going to do with another baby??" of it all. Worst part of it was, I still had 4 hours before I could go home and tell Nick :( It took every ounce of my self control not to call him, but who wants to find out they're having a baby over the phone?

Luckily, I explained the situation to my boss and she let me leave at 4:30pm. I wanted to get a shirt that said big brother and put it on Tommy and just have him walk up to Nick and see how long it took him to notice. I was planning on stopping at Babies R Us and keeping my fingers crossed they'd have a shirt in Tommy's size. But my boss suggested I go to Hannah Banana (a thrift shop right up the road) and see if they had anything. I decided to give it a try and I walked up to the counter, asked the lady if she had any Big Brother shirts and she walked right over to the rack, pulled one out in Tommy's size and I was checked out and ready to go in less than 5 minutes. Perfect! But as I was driving home, I remembered that Brooke would be there and while I was DYING to tell her, I wanted Nick to know first. So I called her to see where she was and her and Tommy were visiting my Granny, so they wouldn't be home when I got there. Whick worked fine, because then I could tell Nick without telling Brooke but I would have to alter my plan of how to tell him since Tommy wouldn't be there.

When I pulled up to the house, I felt like a giddy school girl :) Nick was upstairs and I walked in grinning like a fool. He gave me a hello kiss and then went to the fridge to get something. When he turned around, I was holding up the Big Brother shirt and said, "Do you think this will fit Tommy around August?" He was like, "Yeah. I think so." Then he looked again and he said, "Wait........What? WHAT?!?" I said YUP and pulled the positive test out of my pocket because I knew he'd need physical proof to believe it. Then we laughed. Like, hysterical, out of our minds, insane laughter. Because we had JUST been dicussing the fact that I didn't want a 2nd child until Tommy was 2 and that I could NOT handle a baby while he was on 3rd shift. And because isn't life ironic? After we got through our hysterics, I let him know I'd already called the doctor and scheduled an appointment of 11/21 and we decided not to tell anyone until after it had been confirmed by the doctor.

So I held the news in for an agonizing 5 days. The doctor confirmed by blood and urine testing that I WAS indeed pregnant, but then she knocked my feet out from underneath me. She told me that she was concerned I was carrying a blighted ovum. A blighted ovum is basically an egg that thinks it's fertlized, but it's not. So your body thinks it's pregnant, but it's really just growing an empy egg. Huh? I was totally confused by this and taken off guard. She said she didn't necessarily think that's what was going on, but she wanted me to be prepared just in case. They set me up for a sono on 11/28/11 because they thought I'd be around 5 weeks and we should be able to determine if there was a yolk sac or not. If there was a yolk sac, that would mean there was a baby. If there wasn't, no baby. So we got set to wait what felt like FOREVER to get the sono.

And then there was Thanksgiving. We were planning on telling our families about the baby at that time by doing the whole Big Brother shirt thing. Then I started having the terrible pains that sent me to the ER (which you can read about here). We thought I was having a miscarriage and I was so sad and scared. We called Nick's parents to get Tommy and told them then that I was pregnant. I had Nick call my mom on the way to the ER and this is how she found out I was pregnant:

Nick-"Hey Ellen. We're taking Brady to the ER. We think she's having a miscarriage."
Mom-"What?!? Brady's pregnant?"
Nick-"Well, we think. She's had a few positive tests, but we think she's losing the baby."
Mom (still in utter confusion)-"uhhh, okay. Keep me updated."

So, lesson to be learned, even if you're writhing in pain and can't walk, make sure YOU tell your mom about your possible miscarriage, not your husband. It's called tact :) Women have it, men don't. But I digress. Long story short, they did a sono and said I wasn't far enough along to see anything. But they checked my kidney's and my left one was very inflamed and infected, so that's all it was!! Praise God. We decided to still keep the news to ourselves until after the sono.

We went to the sono on 11/28 and the tech saw a yolk sac. Yay!! So our minds were relieved. But for some reason, my doctor was concerned still. She said the sono was inconclusive (not sure why) and wanted to repeat it again along with some hormone levels. So I got my blood drawn twice and my HCG levels increased as they should with a normal pregnancy. She set us up for another sono on 12/7/11 and it seemed like it took FORRREEEEVER for that day to come. Nick was running late (for once it was him, not me!!) and unfortunately missed the whole thing, but they saw a baby! With a beating heart!! I am currently 7 weeks 1 day and am due on July 29th. Dreading being full term in the summer (if you know me, you know how I deal with the heat) but SO thankful and excited that we have FINALLY determined it's an actual baby and that everything is going well! I can't believe I'm having kids only 18 months apart because that was definitely NOT in my plan, but I guess God had another plan :) Which will be perfect because it's HIS way. Now if He can only start preparing me for what's to come! Cause this momma still hasn't quite registered that I'm a mom to two. My brain is still wrapping around the idea, but I know before I know it, the baby will be here and two kids will be the new norm. And I will adjust quickly and easily. Hahahahahah. Right. But we are so excited to meet the new little one and just for grins, here's a few pics of Baby T2:

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