Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Midweek Randoms

Sooooo many thoughts this week.

*This girl's been riding the train to nauseaville. Okay. That was cheesy. But really. At first I started out thinking the nausea was much better this time than with Tommy but it has progressively gotten worse the last week or so.

*My boys are sick :( Tommy had SUPER bad congestion and runny nose, etc. Why don't they make cold medication for infants?!? Or if they do, why is it like finding waldo on one of those really tricky pages? Because I haven't even found it. Ibuprofen, claritin, benadryl--none of it helps his cold symptoms. And Nick caught whatever Tommy had, plus some nausea (sympathy pregnancy symptoms maybe?).

*NOTHING sounds good to eat. Except zesty bread and butter pickle slices. Yes, I'm pregnant and craving pickles.

*I looove these rainy days, but even I am starting to wish for some sunshine!

*I think I might FINALLY get to hang out with Hannah tonight. We've been trying for like, 2 weeks to get together and it just hasn't worked out. Fingers crossed that we're still on for tonight :)

*Tommy was in such a delightful mood last night and this morning. I'm really hoping that sticks through to tonight. I hate it when he's grumpy. It makes ME grumpy and it also makes me fully regret being grumpy and mean to my mom because it probably ruined her days when I was a youngster. Who knew a babie's mood could affect you so much?

*I have to get a crown. SO not excited about this. It costs $340. For a stinkin crown. Blah. And that's what I owe AFTER insurance has already paid.

*I really need to go get some new glasses. I broke one of my nose pieces off like 6 months ago and have never gotten it fixed. And now I just need a new pair. Also because my lovely sister sat on them and squished the ear pieces.

*Speaking of my lovely sister, she's ENGAGED!!! On 12/10/11, her dreamboat asked her to marry him and she said yes. And she got the most gorgeous ring!

*There is so much sadness and violence and despair in this world and it's really starting to make me sad and sick. I just don't understand some people and how they can do the things they do. Why do people let Satan grab ahold of them and control their lives?!?

*I challenge you to do something nice for someone else this Christmas. And do it annonymously. The Bible says not to let your right hand know what your left hand is doing--that's how secret your giving should be so that you can be sure you're giving for the right reasons and not to get praise and attention. Do it!! It's a really awesome feeling!!

My brain is too tired to think anymore :) Hope everyone is having a great week!

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