Wednesday, July 29, 2015

T-ball recognition night

Last week, Tommy had t-ball recognition night at the Towanda Pool. I was hesitant to go because I had a feeling it would be PACKED, but I remember all the little "end of season" parties that we used to have when I was a kid and how much I loved going to them. So we went!

And I'm glad we did. It WAS pretty full because it was for all of the league teams (three different towns). But Tommy had so much fun! Each player got a medal and then they got to swim.

 I was a little nervous about how the kids would do with so many other kids in the pool, but they did great! They can't swim by themselves yet, so Nick and I were both in there with them and they had arm floaties on.

Now Tessa.....she's a "daredebil" as she likes to call herself. She'll do almost anything (at least once). She saw all of the big kids jumping off the diving board and decided she wanted to do it to. Nick told her she had to be able to jump off the side without anyone catching her before he'd let her jump off the board. So she did! She jumped off the side, went under water and held her breath the whole time. So her daddy let her go off the diving board (while he was swimming in the deep end to kind of catch her or at least be right there). She looked SO tiny with all those other big kids around her, but she walked right to the end, hesitated for just a few seconds and then jumped! Twice!

Then there's my little Tommy boy. He wants SO badly to be almost makes me sad! He sees Tessa doing these things and I can tell he wants to also, but his fear holds him back constantly (hmmm....I wonder where he gets THAT personality trait?). He asked to jump off the diving board and Nick told him the same thing--that he had to jump off the side first. I thought there was no way he'd do it. But he did! He jumped in without anyone catching him twice. He came up sputtering but he didn't get upset and he didn't swallow any water! So he moved onto the diving boards. Again, I thought for sure he'd chicken out...... He looked super little and super scared. But he did it! Twice!

I was so proud of both of them. Fear of a LOT of things has kept me from having fun in the past and I hate to see it happen to my kids, so I am SO glad when they step out of their comfort zone and push themselves a little. Because they end up having so much fun!

It was so sweet watching Tommy get his medal and then watching him swim with his little friends. This boy is growing up too fast!

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