Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jesus over Isis

 Watch this video before reading:

A few days ago, this video was on my Facebook news feed. With all the horrible things happening in the worlds, the title caught my eye. As I watched it, I could feel the Holy Spirit filling me. I got goosebumps and cried the whole way to work because his words are so spot on. I fully believe they are God given and I can tell HE is filled with the Holy Spirit!

Friends, I have an urgency in my heart to make sure you know Jesus. I'm not a preacher or a teacher or an expert. I can't quote scripture left and right and tell you a million facts from the Bible off the top of my head. But I'm a Christian. I believe Jesus died for my sins and yours. I am 100% sure that no matter what you've done in life, He still loves you and wants you to come to him. And I can pray for you and be here for you. If there's a question you have and I don't know the answer, we can look for it together!

So many people these days are calling Christians bigots and haters. But the people acting that way in God's name are not being real Christians. My biggest goal in Christianity is to show people Christ through love. It's something I have to work on every day because some people are really hard to love (myself included!).

But all I can think while everyone is hating on Christians is.......if I try my best to live a life as a TRUE Christian--showing love, forgiving others, working to spread the word of Jesus, being kind to people, giving to those who don't have--and then I die and find out God's not real.........what have I lost? But what if I DON'T live that life and then I die and find out He IS's too late.

Don't let your time run out. Don't wait until it's too late. Live a life with meaning and purpose!

I wrote out the words to the video so you can read them and meditate on them. Some of them are really powerful--okay, ALL of them are really powerful. But there are a few things that really stood out to me and I'll write those in red. A few lines were hard for me to make out, so this might not be EXACTLY like what he says, but it's close and still gets his message across. I hope this touches your heart like it did mine and that it reignites your fire and love for Christ and his people!

 Jesus over ISIS--by Clayton Jennings

I feel like I've been riding wings more than I've had my feet on the ground lately.
"Clayton, will you sign this? Your words have impacted me greatly."
I sign my name and step away and she smiles and calls me a saint.
In my gut I want to scream, "Wait!
Come back. Let me take that sharpie and scratch out my name and give it back to you....
Because you don't know me. And if you did,
you'd never ask for an autograph or for me to pray with your kid."
See, I'm no better than you. I'm not a saint, I'm not a role model
I'm just a sinner saved by grace, running full throttle,
Telling the world to put down the bottle
And drink Living Water instead.

Everywhere I go, I meet with the dead.
I stand on stage and machine gun the gospel like I'm shooting hot lead.
If denouncing Mohammed and other false prophets makes me a hot head
Then God, set this head on FIRE!
Give me a burning desire to rescue those who are following liars.

But don't let me be who they admire.

Cause who am I? I'm a nobody. I'm just flesh and bones heading to my grave
But along the way I had an encounter with grace that to this day
Takes the guilt of my yesterday's failures far away.
Because Jesus Christ is the ONLY way.
Unlike Mohammed, He didn't stay in the grave.
Three days later he came rushing back to life and He's coming back some day!
And when he does, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess
That Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God!

The shepherd is coming back with his staff and his rod.
And I find it odd that the the church. doesn't. care.
We're out to debate gay marriage like, "What's right and what's fair?"
We wonder why getting new church members is becoming so rare.
"Are tattoos wrong?" Really, bro? Who cares?
Get out of your church pew and chairs.

There's a dying world right outside of your stained glass windows.
Depressed people, poor people, addicts and widows.
But we'd rather sit on the couch and watch Veggie Tales with our kiddos.

While Christians overseas are getting their heads lobbed off and placed on videos.
That's why it's on us, to get up and go
And tell the world that Jesus IS coming back and the trumpet will blow!
ISIS can't behead the One who wears a crown on His head and holes in His feet.
And I pray to God that I'm there the day jihadists and Jesus meet
And they fall at those feet.....
Because Jesus Christ is KING!
And all the muslim chants and mosques around the world can't drown out the sounds of the angels
As they sing Holy, Holy, HOLY  is the Lord God Almighty!

Because God is mighty and ISIS is not.
And they think when they kill us our souls die and our bodies rot
But my faith is not built on your weak sand. It stands on the rock!
And when you kill us we live in mansions in Heaven that your oil money never bought.

We don't die with your cowardly shots.
ISIS demands that you follow a book that teaches you to kill.
They promise virgins in Heaven through Allah's will.
There will be no virgins in paradise awaiting them.
There will be hell for those wicked men.

But Jesus died for them too.
He loves them just as much as he loves me and he loves you.
So to any muslim watching this, let me tell you the truth.
Jesus died for you.
Mohammed lied to you.
Jesus can save you just like he saved me!
And when he did, he gracefully gave me everything that I needed.

I didn't deserve any of it, but he he displayed it and gave me plenty of it.
I was eating the world, but still had an empty stomach. But the bread of life changed my life!
Goodbye world, keep your forks and your knives
because I'm full and I'm satisfied! And I'm saved....
And the Holy Spirit lit a fire in my chest that I can't put out.
So if you're put out by the fact that I won't tap out,
You might as well shut up while I pull a map out
And look for the next place to step out
And tell the world that Jesus is a step up.

If hundreds of thousands continue to push my rep up,
Then let them see Jesus instead of the piece of trash he swept up, held up and saved.
So on every place and every stage,
I will shout one name, I will proclaim ONE name. I will beg sinners to repent and believe in ONE name.

Jesus Christ.


Because it's Jesus, Jesus, Jesus 'til the day I die.

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