Friday, July 24, 2015

By His wounds

Did I mention my kids are healed from asthma? No biggie. They've just been touched by the hand of God, that's all.

Seriously, I'm SO excited to report that they no longer need daily breathing treatments!! It's something I've prayed about for a long time now. Almost every night we'd pray that their lungs would work the way they were supposed to and that God would take their asthma from them.

And He was faithful to complete it!

They've been on daily pulmicort treatments for probably 1 1/2 years or so. We have albuterol that we use as needed. We originally started it because there was a time where they were sick ALL the time. Tommy would have some crazy episodes that we didn't realize were asthma attacks until he'd already had several (I can't even talk about how bad I feel that I didn't realize that's what was happening). They both seemed to catch every cold and virus that came their way and would be sick for weeks with it. They both have had bronchitis and pneumonia multiple times. It was scary! Especially that long ago because they were just babies and couldn't tell us exactly what hurt or what was wrong.

I knew a lot of kids outgrew asthma, but was always leery as to how you figured out that a child had out grown it. Do you just stop meds cold turkey and hope they don't have an attack?!? We went on vacation at the beginning of July and our choice was made for us. We brought the medicine and there was a nebulizer at our vacation spot, but when we got there, we realized there was no tubing. Basically making the nebulizer useless. I'm going to be 100% honest about my sometimes horrible parenting skills and admit that I didn't even realize we had no nebulizer tubing until we'd already been on vacation a few days and they had gone without pulmicort. We've missed treatments here and there in the past and it seemed like Tessa always did fine without it but Tommy would start coughing or wheezing after a missed dose. But once I realized we hadn't done their treatments for two days, I realized he hadn't had a single asthmatic symptom. Nick and I decided to just go ahead and keep them off of it to see what happened. We had their albuterol inhalers, so if they had an asthma attack, we had a rescue med.

And they did great! And still are doing great! I'm so glad to be done with the daily treatments. Not only were they such a pain (and took FOREVER), but I'm so glad to not have to put more junk into my kids' body! We talked to the doctor about it and he agreed with keeping them off it and said we could keep the pulmicort in case they had any flare ups in winter. I'm so thankful that God took their asthma away and they are able to breath normally on their own and haven't had any problems so far! Praise God that by His wounds we are healed!

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