Monday, January 6, 2014


I took a lot of time off over the Christmas holiday. Our office closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and on New Year's day, so I took off December 24th through January 1st. And it has been the BEST!!

Nick and I were going to go to Kansas City for a few days over that time, but due to some scheduling conflicts, we ended up deciding to have a staycation at home! We got my mom and sister to babysit the kids Friday night through Sunday afternoon. And it was wonderful.

Friday night, Nick's friend that lives out of town came back and we got a group of friends together and went out. We don't go "OUT" out very often. It's usually dinner and a movie. But Friday we got to have dinner and drinks and then we went to Stooge's for some drinks and karaoke. It was SO fun. I danced. And karaoked. And if you know me at all, you know that is SO out of my comfort zone. I just love that group of friends because there's no drama.....just FUN! We may have had a few drinks, but Nick's friend Dillon said something amidst all the singing and dancing that made me think. He was trying to get me to karaoke and I told him no way. He said I needed to work on that in 2014. So I told him I would work on caring less of what other people thought of me. He stopped me and said, "No. You need to care less of what you think about yourself. What other people think isn't what's stopping you. YOU are stopping you."

Simple, but true. So many times I don't do things because of how I think it'll make me look or because I'm too nervous or scared. So that's MY "new year's resolution." To stop stopping myself.

Saturday, we slept off our previous night and then I got to go shopping! Woot, woot! I FINALLY bought a new pair of tennis shoes. The soles on my other ones were literally falling off. Looked a little trashy. Nick went hunting while I was shopping and then we met up at Chili's for a delicious dinner. It was SO good. And we didn't have to take care of any screaming children while we were eating! We rented a movie that night but ended up falling asleep by 10:15pm. Lame, but we felt amazingly refreshed the next morning.

The kids came home around 10:30am Sunday morning. It was good to see them, but we definitely enjoyed our time as a kidless couple! If you're married with kids, I highly recommend you do this. It's a great way to get refreshed without having to spend a lot of money!

The rest of my time off was amazing. The kids behaved so good every day. We did a lot of snuggling, movie watching, shopping, reading and just enjoying each other. They are the sweetest kids (most days). It almost made me want to be a stay at home mom! There was no way I could have done it when they were younger, but now that they're older and easier to get around, it was so much fun!

But back to work I went...................when's the NEXT vacation?! ;)

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