Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An ode to Diet Pepsi......the greatest drink ever made

One of the days on my staycation, I started having a lot of kidney pain. The doctor tested me and said there was no sign of infection (even though I've had this pain several times in the past and that's always what it is). So they wouldn't give me an antibiotic. But in the past, it's always helped if I give up pop......and that's SO hard for me, because as you're about to see....I love pop. So here it is. A tribute to the greatest pop ever.

A week I've gone without you
Though 7 days can feel like years
There's been lost sleep, hours of pain and
Countless caffeine-free tears

Your bubbly fizz, your cool burn,
The browness of your hue
Diet Pepsi, OH DIET PEPSI,
I'm dying without you.

Why do you have to hurt me;
Make my kidneys pain?
My life without my Pepsi

Is making me insane.

Most will say I'm crazy
To write a poem all about pop
But Diet Pepsi, I don't care....
My love for you won't stop.

Maybe some day soon, DP,
We can reunite
When my kidneys are all flushed out
And pain is out of sight.

But until that time, my friend,
Keep on doing what you do.
And I will drink my water
While I'm dreaming about you.

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