Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chicken and Tractor Party

So Tommy has had his party planned for quite some time. Clear back in November, I had asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted to have. He immediately declared that he must have a chicken and tractor party. Over the next month or so, I suggested a farm party multiple times to tie the two together and he adamantly declined and started chanting, "Chicken an dactor pawty!!" I finally succumbed and decided the d├ęcor would just be a random mish-mash of chickens and tractors.

Have you ever tried to find chicken party decorations? Don't bother googling it for ideas because all that comes up is a few measly chicken balloons and some Chinese websites with sex toys on them. Awwwwkwaaaaard. And I know you just googled it, didn't you?

Lucky for me, my mom cleans for an old family friend that just so happened to have a ton of John Deere stuff and some chicken tablecloths and placemats. Random, but it worked. I forgot to take any pictures BEFORE the party started (and I SO wish I would have because all the food looked so yummy!), but here's some of the after math.......
 "Chicken scratch" (chex mix) favors and the watering hole (lemonade)

The "veggie garden" (obviously a veggie tray), the "Pig pen" (pigs in a blanket) and the "potato patch" (chips).
Under the "Chicken Coop" sign, we had shredded BBQ chicken sliders and deviled eggs.

I borrowed these John Deere tractor lights from my mom's friend.
Here's the chicken table cloth and tractor "center piece."

I hung some chicken pot holders with the lights just to jazz things up a bit......and cause I had no other ideas about how to mingle chickens with tractors :)

He had such a good time! We decided to keep it small this year (which still felt big in our tiny living room!) and just had immediate family and a few of Tommy's friends. This little boy is SO loved. And I'm so grateful that his great granny, all three of his grandparents, all 8 of his aunts and uncles and all 4 of his cousins made it. We had such a good time and felt so blessed to have our "little" family all together under one roof!

And boy, did he get everything he could have ever wanted! He got tons of tractors, a farm with some animals, a punching bag, Mr. Potato head, cowboy boots, some books, a bike helmet, soccer ball, a Hummer and the big kicker was.......a Thunder hockey jersey!!! Oh man, did he LOVE that jersey. He's worn it every day (that we would let him) since he got it. I make him wear regular clothes to Brooke's during the day and then as soon as he's home, he wants his Thunder jersey or his Broncos jersey on immediately! Funny boy.

This was his mean shark face :)

I made his cake the night before and was relieved when the few people I quizzed on what it was supposed to be understood. Just in case you couldn't's a field of grass with a tractor plowing out the number 3!

Overall, the chicken and tractor party turned out much better than I had thought it would! We had such a good time! Thank you so much to everyone that helped make my baby's 3rd birthday so wonderful!

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