Monday, January 20, 2014

On your 3rd birthday

Thomas James-

On your 3rd birthday, I can finally admit that I never wanted to be a boy mom. It wasn't in my plan. It didn't fit into my world of pink tutus and hair bows. I'm even gonna go so far as to say when the sonographer told me we were having a boy, I cried a little. And not happy tears. I was disappointed to know that you were a boy. I haven't told many people that because it sounds so horrible. That's not to say I didn't love you.....I just wished you were a girl! But I realized as soon as you were born how crazy I was. Now.....

.....Now, I have lived through three years of snot, poop, dirt, bugs, farts, peeing outside, nose picking, dirty underwear, licking, hitting, jumping, yelling, arguing, crying, fit-throwing and hockey pucks, footballs and basketballs to the face. I've played cars more times than I can count and have found out I'm not very good at playing trains. I have stepped on countless tractors and blocks. I put away at least 4 balls every thirty minutes. I find dirt clumps in your bed. I've explained private parts and aiming at the toilet. Boogers are an every day occurrence and scratching your butt in public has been banned.

 But in those three years, I've also lived through toothy smiles, heart melting hugs, listening to made stories, sticky kisses, thousands of "I love you"s, sweaty boy hair, wilted flower bouquets, kissing away boo-boos and cuddled you to sleep more nights than I can count.

I've done it. I've become a boy mom. And it's the best. I get the dirty, gross stuff along with the sweet, amazing stuff and it's all bundled up in one handsome little 32 pound, blond haired, blue eyed, three year old boy. If you would have told me three years ago how much fun I was about to have, I wouldn't have believed you. But it's been so amazing to watch you grow. I love how balanced you are. You stop playing in the middle of your "hockey game" to give me hugs and kisses. You wrestle with your sister until she cries and then you hug her and tell her it's okay. You have such a tough front, but such a sweet heart.

Tommy, now that I know you, I have never wanted anything more than to be a boy mom. You are the BEST boy I could have asked for. I love you so much that it hurts sometimes! Your funny personality, your sweet disposition, your insanely hot temper, your lack of coordination, your love for sports.......I love every single thing about you. Thank you a million times over for making me a boy mom!! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

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