Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

I was super excited for Halloween this year. Last year, Tommy didn't have a clue. But this year, he LOVES candy, so I figured he'd be all about it. We decided to make him a Denver Broncos football player and Tessa a Broncos cheerleader. I should've known better. When we carved pumpkins a few days before, he was NOT excited. At all. He LOVES making messes, but would not touch the pumpkin. That was my first clue that Halloween would not go well.

  Although Tessa was her normal, smiley self the whole time!

 My first mistake on our Halloween extravaganza was not actually trying everything on together before Halloween night. I had a little Broncos jersey for him and then I bought some navy blue sweats with elastic in the bottoms and was going to pull those up so they'd be short like football pants. Then I bought tall white socks for him to wear. We also had some black face paint we were going to put under his eyes. Tessa was just going to wear a Broncos onesie, white skirt and orange hat. Sounded good enough.

Tommy usually sleeps from 5pm to 7pm for his nap. Nick and I decided to just drive to Brooke's and get the kids ready there and then trick-or-treat in Towanda. We got there at about 5:15pm and Tommy was still awake. So Nick took him for a short drive so he would fall asleep and hopefully not be grumpy. He did fall asleep, so we all ate dinner and got Tessa ready. At about 6:30pm, we decided to wake him up.

Epic fail.

He was SO grumpy. He cried and whined and screamed and hit. I was trying to dress him and it was a fight the whole time. I finally got his clothes on and started putting his face paint on. Yeah. He hated it. He smeared it all over his face and it made it look like he'd been beat up. Then, we tried wiping it off with a wet cloth and it would NOT come off. It took a good 10 minutes to get it off and he was furious by that time. Plus, his sweats were too big, so they weren't staying up at mid-calf, so he just kind of looked like a kid wearing Broncos clothes rather than a football player :) Tessa's skirt was a little too small, so she had a little muffin top (which is MUCH cuter on her than it seems to be on me). I had also tried to make her some pom-poms from a pinterest idea.......nope. Didn't work out. But they still looked cute!

We packed them up into the car and drove to Nana's. My frustration level was at an all-time high by this point. I was SO excited to see him have fun and when he acts like that, it just ruins everyone's night. I was hoping getting a treat at Nana's would cheer him up.

Nope. We knocked on the door, he ignored Nana and the treat bowl and went straight for his toys. We let him play for a minute, but Nick had to work that night, so we were on a schedule and needed to make the rounds before we had to head home. We picked him up to leave and he FREAKED. OUT. I was thinking then that we should have dressed him up like a devil because he was acting possessed. He stopped crying once the car started moving. We got to Grandma and Papa's. And he started crying again. Wouldn't talk to Grandma. He finally straightened up a little when Papa came out to say hi. Thank God.

We decided to leave Tessa with Grandma and take Tommy to a few houses. He finally got in to "good mood" mode and was walking around dragging his candy basket behind him. He had to be held most of the time, but as long as he wasn't crying, it was fine with me! He would only say "Trick or treat" after somebody shut the door. It came out sounding like, "Tick teet!" He got very excited about it after he realized people were giving him candy!

We picked up Tessa Grace and headed over to Hannah's to say hi for a bit. We got the one picture of the whole night where everyone was actually happy. Then we headed home and Daddy went to work and Mommy hid the candy. It started out horribly, but I'm glad it ended up better. Here's to hoping next year is FUN the WHOLE time!

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