Monday, November 19, 2012

Shift work

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that Nick is FINALLY back on 1st shift! Yesterday was his first day back and it feels like a little slice of Heaven already. This last weekend was SO amazing!

When the kids woke up on Saturday morning, my whole body groaned. And then I remembered......we could actually wake up as a family and have the whole day together. Usually, we wake up as Nick is going to sleep. And then we either have to leave the house and find something to do (which is REALLY hard with 2 kids) or we have to try to be REEEAAAAALLLY quiet at home (which is REALLY hard with 2 kids). Trying to keep them quiet always had me super stressed because I felt like Nick wasn't sleeping well, but at the same time, the kids were just being kids. They don't understand right now WHY it's important to be quiet.

It's so nice to come home from work and have the whole evening together rather than just watching and waiting for 8pm to come around. I dreaded seeing him get off the couch to go get dressed and get his boots on. I felt like dinner was always rushed and play time was rushed and hang out time was super short. Every night after Nick would leave, at some point, Tommy would walk around the house and say, "Daaaaaaad!! Dad!!! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!" Kinda sad  :) Then I would have to try to get Tessa to sleep without Tommy waking her up 500 times.

Thank God, my mom came over almost every night. Here's a little shout out to nanas around the world--THANK YOU!! My mom was (and still is) awesome. She's there whenever I need her and gave up a lot of her own personal time to hang out with me and my kiddos so I wouldn't be too lonely. Last week, she stayed the night a few times.

The first time, she was already here and I went to put Tommy to bed. He kept pointing at the corner and I asked him what he was pointing at. He said (without hesitation), "Dosts!" At Halloween, Brooke had ghosts hanging in her tree, so he knows what they are. Creepy. I begged my mom to sleep with me ;) And being the good mom she is, she did!

The second time, she had left my house around 10pm. Tommy ended up getting really sick and Nick was working. His fever got high and I got nervous. I do okay when someone is with me, but I hate being alone with my kids when they're sick. I feel like I can't give my full attention to the sick kiddo if they're both awake and I hate making big judgement calls by myself. I was thinking about taking Tommy to the ER, so I called my mom at 1:30am and asked her to come over. And she did. And she said, "Thank you for calling me." (Told you she was awesome!). While she was on her way over, Tommy puked all over me (disgusting) but seemed to feel SO much better afer that and his fever broke, so she just slept with us again.

But I digress. It's been almost a year to the day that Nick went to third shift. It was right after Thanksgiving last year that he switched shifts. This Thanksgiving is going to be SO much better than the last one! I keep trying to remember what we did last year and then I realize I was in the ER the whole time for my kidney infection and didn't get to see Tommy for more than an hour. Sad day. But this year--I'm NOT pregnant (YAY!!!!), I will NOT have a kidney infection and my hubs will NOT be sleeping all day!!

Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!

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