Saturday, November 24, 2012

22 months

Tommy, at 22 months, you are:

*28 lbs still

*about 35 1/2 inches

*still in a size 5 diaper (for about a year now!)

*in a size 7/8 shoe
*SO ornery. It seems to have gotten particularly crazy in the last two weeks or so. You KNOW what you're doing and you give the most devilish grin before you do it. You've also gotten really good at giving "mean" looks.

*talking a LOT. Like, ALL the time. You find a phrase and just say it over and over and over until we want to cry. You say, "Minni-minni-mouse!!" constantly. You always want to watch it, but you say it even when it's totally irrelevant. You also have been saying, "Dog--digga--dog, dog!!" No clue what it means, but you say it every 5 minutes. But you say a lot of actual words too :)

*sleeping much better. For awhile, you were waking up at like 6:30 in the morning. SO not okay with mommy. It must have been a phase because now you're back to your normal 7:30 or 8am wake-up time.

*a horrible eater. According to your aunt, you eat a TON at lunch and you eat stuff that's really good for you like peaches and noodles and vegetables. You will not TOUCH that stuff at home. I try constantly and you just refuse to eat it. We're working on it, but I'm not real sure how to go about MAKING you eat good stuff!!

*obsessed with choo-choos (which you call doo-doos). You yell choo-choo a lot in public but since it sounds like you're screaming DOO-DOO!!!!!!!!!! we get a lot of weird looks :)

*still liking football, but not quite as obsessed with it as you used to be. You still get excited and yell, "BOOBALL!" whenever you see one, but you don't talk about it constantly.

*entranced by the TV. You would sit and watch all day if I let you. I'm ready for it to be summer if for no reason other than to le you outside! You always pick the outside if you can, but when it's cold, you like being a couch potato.

*so silly! Lately, when I've been asking you for kisses, you just go, "Muuuuwah" and make a kissy face without actually kissing me. Like you just can't be bothered to give kisses. You want to sleep with 3 books--your prayer book, your train book and your animal book. You have just started saying, "Yeah!" when we ask you a question or when we say your name. Also, whenever we tell you to do something, you say, "Otay!" You say both words with such enthusiasm that we laugh almost every time you say it.

*the cutest little thing. Except you're not little anymore :( It's hitting me more and more every day that you're going to be TWO YEARS OLD in just 2 short months. How did that happen?!? Even though you're getting bigger, I see little things about you that will always make you think of you as my baby. Your right ear is still wrinkles and has a mole right on your earlobe (your only other mole is on your tooshy!). And your eyes are still the gorgeous blue color you were born with that everyone said you would lose and you never did.

*so grown up. You want to do everything yourself. You always go get your step stool or a chair if you want to reach something. When you get hurt, you don't want cuddled. You hold your hand out and say, "NO! NO, NO, NO!" You try to put your own shoes on (unsuccessfully). You have just become so independent and I know it's only going to increase.

*in LOVE with Mickey Mouse. I think we're going to do a Mickey themed birthday party. You have to know I love you if I do that. I am so anti-Disney that it kills me to buy Mickey Mouse stuff, but it just makes you so happy that I have to do it!

*still in love with your sister. I thought maybe once the newness of her wore off, you would start ignoring her or be mean to her, but you haven't. You love her so much. You're always patting her or kissing her. You run to get her paci when she cries and wipe her mouth when she spits up. You are the BEST big brother a girl could ask for.

Tommy, I can't believe you're almost TWO! I love you so much, little boy. It's so fun to watch your personality come out and learn a little more about who you're going to be some day. You keep us on our toes. Just when I think I'm going to have to run away from home to stay sane, you do something exceptionally sweet that brings me back to sanity and the realization that you all are more than I could dream of. I love you, Tommy!!

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