Monday, November 5, 2012

Company picnic

At the beginning of October, Nick had his company picnic. I was SO not excited to go. The weather was pretty bad that morning and I thought we were going to get out of it. But then of course it cleared up right before and turned into the muggiest day of October :)

It ended up being pretty cool (as most things I'm dreading usually do!). It was at Eberly Farms. They have a petting zoo.........
Tommy LOVED the horse. He kept feeding it and wanting to pet it. But he was a little scared too. He's never been so close to an animal so big!

They also had a swing set that he was obsessed with. Swinging is his favorite thing to do!

The pond was a big hit too! He loved throwing rocks into it.

It provided a VERY scenic backdrop for a few of my all-time favorite photos with my FAVORITE little girl!!

The last thing we did before we ate was go on a hay rack ride. It was the last one of the day and I was glad we got on it. I thought Tommy would love it. And he did......for about 5 minutes. And then he wanted to stand up and walk around. He was SUPER mad that we wouldn't let him, so he decided to throw a full blown tantrum consisting of body stiffening and screaming. I thought about telling everyone he had seizures to try to avoid the embarrassment, but once he started screaming, "NOOOOOO!" I figured the whole seizure option was out :) The hay rack ride lasted about 15 minutes, of course. He finally stopped screaming for the last 5 minutes of it. It was a loud, but beautiful ride!

We finished off the day with grilled hamburgers that were pretty tasty and both kids fell asleep on the way home. It turned out to be an almost perfect fall day!

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