Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Midweek Randoms

My brain is FRIED. Done. NO MORE THINKING!!! Too bad I have two babies to take care of and a full time job :)

*a pharmacist that I talked to on the phone said something ridiculously dumb today. I was giving a patient's date of birth and I said, "January 5th, 02" (said it like oh-two). She paused and said, "So it's January 5th, 1902?" Really? Since when have we referred to 1902 as oh-two? I said, "Um, no. 2002." She still didn't get it. Maybe she should consider a new profession.

*I've lost 12 lbs!! So happy about that. I lost all my baby weight and then decided to keep going. I prefer to say how much I've lost since I was my highest with Tessa. Then I can say I've lost 30 pounds :) But really, it's just 12 lbs under my "pre baby weight."

*It's cold. I usually LOVE cold weather. But the older I get, the less I enjoy it. I think it has a lot to do with having to find coats, hats, gloves, socks and winter shoes for two kids. Plus a blanket to go over the carrier. That takes a looooooooong time.

*Nick and I are going to Kansas City in December and I am SO excited! We haven't been anywhere, just the two of us besides our honeymoon. We've gone to Table Rock with his family, but nothing completely ALONE! I know it's just Kansas City, but still. It'll be nice.

*I still get randomly overwhelmed with the fact that I have kids. You would think after 21 months of being a mom I would be used to it. Nope. It sometimes still hits me in the face that these 2 children are our responsibility FOREVER. Whoa.

*Tommy threw up this morning. I was about 1 mile from Brooke's when she called and said he threw up, so I turned around. By the time I got there, he was running circles in the living room and laughing. I think he's going to be fine :) My guess is, he's been really congested and mucus-y so that probably just made him gag and puke.

*We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch this year. Kinda bummed about that, but it was either too cold or we had too much going on. Oh well. Tommy had ZERO interest in the pumpkin I bought to carve, so he probably wouldn't have cared much about the pumpkin patch.

*The kids are going to be a football player and cheerleader this year for Halloween. I wanted to do something easy. Hopefully you can actually tell Tommy's a football player :) Tessa...well she'll just look cute in her stroller and be decked out in Broncos gear.

*Along with my weight loss, I've been eating out less. Let me tell you how much money I've saved. I used to eat out lunch almost every day because I didn't plan ahead and pack one. And I truly feel like I've got a ton of leftover money. Love it!

okay, more tomorrow on Halloween with my babies. Nick actually gets to come this year (he was on a business trip last year). Fingers crossed for decent weather and good attitudes! Tommy says, "Tick teat" but only when he's in a good mood! Hope everyone has a good, safe Halloween!

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