Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love a picnik!!!

No, I didn't spell picnic wrong in the title. I LOVE picnik!!! I recently discovered it through another blog I like to read--Thrfty Decor Chick ( You should check her out. She's UH-MAZING!! Anyway, I digress.

She started talking about her love for quite awhile ago and I just recently decided to check it out. It is so awesome, but the BEST part about it is it's totally free. You can buy upgrades for like $2.80 a month, but the basics (which actually includes a LOT of editing stuff) are priceless (haha, get the pun?!?)

I thought I would include a few of the edits I did on some of my faves.

after editing
So, I LOVE this picture of my Aunt Becky (whom I talked about here) with all of her granddaughters. I decided to play with it a little and this is what I ended up with. LOVE it! There are so many options for borders and coloring and shading and such.


with editing
Then of course, there's the picture of my beloved with our beautiful baby :) I just love how the editing makes the colors brighter and it gaves me the chance to spot light my sweet boy! There are SO MANY WAYS to better your photographs. I especially loved one where you could choose what you wanted focused in the picture and then everything else in the picture is blurred. I couldn't find a picture that worked to demonstrate what it does, but it's awesome. It just gives the whole picture this dreamy effect!! Kind of like picnik has given me!! Sigh. I love discovering awesome new things. I'm sure some of you think I'm an idiot because picnik has probably been around for awhile, but I'm always used photoshop and never been much of a fan. So go try picnik!! I promise you'll be addicted in 5 minutes or less! Do it. Now.

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