Thursday, October 20, 2011

9 Months

Sigh. Yup, it's really been 9 months since my little Tom-tom was born. Tommy, at 9 months you are:

*weighing in at right around 23 lbs. We haven't had your 9 month check up yet, but that's what you were at last week. I have a feeling it's a little less now because you've been sick and not eating, but you can certainly put it away!

*29 inches long! Tall baby!!

*a tooth-growing maniac! You have seven teeth. It's like every time I look in your mouth, you have a new nubby white pearl breaking through the gums.

*QUICKLY outgrowing your car seat. Technically, we should have moved you awhile ago into your stationary carseat, but it's such a pain doing all the buckling, so mom's left you in the carseat that just locks into a base. You're wearing another kids coat in this picture that is WAY too big for you so it looks like you're spilling out of it more than you normally do, but it IS getting to be a tight fit :)

*killing us with your blowouts. I'm going to ask the doctor about it  because your "stools" have been a little off lately. I'm sure it's because you're not eating many solids since you have such a bad cold, but it's starting to make me worried a little. And I mean you're REALLY KILLING us with the pooh.

*SO close to walking!! You've taken a few steps but I wouldn't really call it walking. It was like you kind of fell in a running motion towards me or daddy. We do a lot of "Tommy, come get the pot holder from mama!!" Or you know, whatever other item that's close by that you have any interest in whatsoever.

*walking pretty well when you hold onto somebody or something. If you hold just one hand of someone, you can go quite awhile!! And you're LOVING the Tomater bubble pusher thingy that Nana got you. You get a little too excited and start moving pretty fast to push it and fell a few times, but you love being able to walk behind it!
*in a size 4 diaper. I think you'll be in this size for awhile. They're kind of big on you around the tummy, but they actually go up high enough on the front and back to prevent leaks (except for this week due to your explosive pooh mentioned above--don't hate me when you're older and realize I put info about your bowel movements on the internet).

*normally eating 1-2 jars of baby food a day and drinking 3-4 bottles a day. A lot of times you'll eat a little off of mom and dad's plate too. You've started realizing what we're doing when we have food and you ALWAYS want what we have. So far, you have tried potatoes (your fave!), noodles, chocolate, refried beans, black beans, pickles, bread, tortillas, rice, milk shakes (thanks to granny and nana!) and lots of other little things I can't think of. But potatoes are what you LOVE! One time, you ate half of a small baked potato off of dad's plate!! He was so proud :)

*making the funniest new face. It's very random when you do it, but so cute! This is the only picture I could get of you doing it, but you constantly suck your bottom lip in and just look around to see who's watching. Love it! 

*now an experienced bonfire attender. Okay, you've just been to one and it was at Uncle Michael's house, but you seemed to like it a lot! You just sat on somebody's lap (you got passed around a lot!) and stared at the bonfire the whole time. There were lots of coyotes howling and it scared the creepers out of me, but you didn't mind at all. Another nice little kid let you use their puffy coat because mom was not very smart and didn't pack yours. Nana bounced you on her knee for about 30 minutes and when mom looked over, you were asleep!
*obsessed with bath time! You hear the bath water running and in you come crawling at 90 miles per hour to stand up on the side of the tub and watch it fill up. You start dancing and bouncing around like you just can't WAIT to get in!!

(I don't know why this is blurry. Stupid Blogger!)

*really testing your boundaries. I KNOW that YOU know what the word NO means but you hear us say it, give us your biggest and best smile and do it anyways. I think you think your smile is going to be your ticket out of everything (hopefully you're wrong but it is SO stinkin hard to resist that toothy grin). So we're working on mommy and daddy being patient and you minding mommy and daddy!

Even though you are already somewhat of a rebel, you are awesome in every way. You're a challenge, but a wonderful one. I'm so excited for the holidays. It seems like they're already more meaningful because YOU are in our lives. We are blessed and so lucky to be your parents! Love you sweet pea!

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