Tuesday, October 4, 2011

$20 = the perfect Saturday

So last weekend was pretty much the most perfect weekend I've had in a looooooong time. It started off on Friday evening. I've been selling a lot of stuff on the Facebook Swap. It turns out an old friend of mine wanted a lot of what I was selling and I wanted a lot of what she was selling. So we met for dinner and then ended up swapping a lot of clothes. And getting "new" clothes will ALWAYS start my weekend off right! :) After that, I met some of the people who bought from me at the Cato parking lot and got about $20 for all the stuff I had sold. Hence, the $20 that would make my Saturday perfect!

My mom, Granny, Tommy (poor guy) and I  were all gonna go garage saleing (how do you spell that?!?) on Saturday morning. Tommy woke up in a great mood, so I knew it was going to be a glorious day! We met at McDonald's at 10am and started off with my favorite breakfast ever--bacon and cheese biscuit with a hasbrown and large Diet Coke. The breakfast of champions, folks. It was Andover Days, so there were garage sales EVERYWHERE!! It was like garage sale heaven! The main items on my list were clothes for Tommy and a coat rack. The very first sale we went to.........there was a wooden coat rack for $1.50!!! That was my tuck and run deal of the day. So we crammed that in the back along with Tommy's stroller and it rested vicariously beside my Granny's head and up through the 2 front seats for the rest of the day. Then we found a garage sale with a TON of boys clothes and it was fill a bag for a DOLLAR!! So you better believe we filled some bags!! 5 bags, to be exact. I bought some stuff Tommy can wear now, but was mostly looking for clothes to fit him in the future. My mom found a little umbrella stroller for $1 at the same sale and proceeded to push Tommy around in it the rest of the day. I think she had more fun pushing him than he had riding :) The next sale we went to, they were selling every piece of clothing for a quarter. Oh man, I almost passed out when I heard that. I found a lot more clothes for Tommy and a brand new black puffy vest for my sister. I also got some beads to make myself a brown necklace (which I've refused to pay $10 for at the store). I felt like I hit the jackpot!!

 This is all the stuff he can wear now (or this winter)

This is his lot of 2T pants/shorts

Lot of 2T shirts

Lot of 3T pants

3T shirts

4T jeans and shirt--a little soon, I know. But the jeans were Lee brand and look BRAND NEW and they fit in the "fill a bag for a dollar" sale, so I snagged them!

Size M--a little premature, yes. But it was only ONE DOLLAR!! Denver Broncos stuff even for kids is SOOO expensive, so I totally snagged it for the future :)

These are some cute little stars I got to put in Tommy's room. I'm thinking I'm going to spray paint them, but not sure what color yet.
13 tops and 15 pairs of pants for Tommy, 1 vest that I forgot to take a picture of that I LOVE for Tommy, 1 vest for my sister, 1 pair of size 5 Thomas the train shoes, set of 4 star hangers, 3 work shirts for Nick, 2 shirts for me, 5 hardback books for Tommy (including a Bible story book that is AWESOME and Where The Wild Things Are) and a coat rack ALL FOR $15!!!! And $3 of those dollars were donated at one garage sale because they were raising money for a cancer patient, so I really got it all for $12. Sigh! I love a good sale!

Then, to top off my already wonderful day, my awesome husband watched Tommy Saturday night so I could go to a movie with my mom and Granny. We got to see The Help! It was SUCH an awesome movie and we saw it at the Augusta theater, so the ticket was only $5! It was so nice to have some time with the ladies in my family and to get to watch a movie from start to finish without stopping to make a bottle or change a poopy diaper.

So thank you God for providing cheap clothes for my family, a few things I just want and didn't actually need and a night out! It was SUCH a great Saturday!! If only every weekend could be so pefect :)

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Anonymous said...

Score! I should have waited till Saturday to go--I bet I went to the same sales you did but didn't find much of anything! Probably because I was by myself with Landon too and couldn't do much digging. :( But, awesome work!