Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1st OB appt

Well I forgot to fill everyone in on the first baby appointment!! Nothing too exciting (other than them confirming I have a life inside of me!!). We didn't get to hear the heartbeat or anything and I was really disappointed about that, but she said we'll get to hear it at the next visit. Our doctor is Dr. Dawne Lowden, but we saw Amanda Twist, the PA. We REALLY liked Amanda and hopefully we'll like Dr. Lowden (we see her next time). But as long as one of them gets that baby safely outside of my body, it doesn't really matter if I like them or not.

Nick got to see his first pap smear!! He was VEEEERY excited (note the sarcasm in that statement). Let's just say we had a long question and answer session (and a little bit of laughing) after the doctor left the room. If only everyone could have seen his face when the PA brought the speculum in.......it. was. AWESOME. He looked at me with a confused look like, "Should I be protecting you from that???" mixed with a little bit of, "This is the funniest thing I've ever witnessed!" My response to him was, "If you think this is weird, wait until you see a baby coming out of there!!" Overall, it was a very interesting day :)

The due date is January 26th. FOREVER away! Everyone says the time will fly, but I'm not so sure about that. I'm trying to set short term goals, like countdowns to vacation or holidays. There seems to be at least one big thing a month going on, so that should help the time to pass. In July, I have vacation. In August, I have vacation. September is our anniversary, October is Halloween (which I LOOVE), November is Thanksgiving, December is CHRISTmas (which I LOOOOVE even more than Halloween:) and then THE BABY!!!!!!! So just pray that things go quickly for me. We all know how impatient and horrible I am at waiting. It's just not my thing (guess I don't really have a choice in this!). I'm thinking I'm gonna have to become one of those coupon clippin, sale findin, stay at home and never do anything fun kinda people. I'm having a little buyer's remorse. I LOVE my Jeep, but I haven't had a car payment for almost 2 years, so it's going to be REALLY hard to hand over that money every month. Last night, we were driving to Towanda and I told Nick, "What the heck did we just do?!?! We're having a kid and that's going to eat up every spare dollar we have ever had! Why did we just buy a Jeep?!?!" He reminded me that due to the fact that my car died on the side of the road, we didn't really have any options OTHER than to get a new car. He calmed me down and reminded me that we'll just have to be more "frugal." I hate the word frugal. Who wants to be frugal?? I guess I do :( But that's ok. I have an awesome Jeep that I KNOW will get me places safely! So look out coupons, here I come!!!


thehobbs said...

So glad everything went well! I love your description of Nick with the PAP smear. If only the boys knew all the things we go through. :) I had a transvaginal sono at my first appt...Matt informed me the wand looked like a giant dildo with a huge condom over the top of it. Which I guess it kinda did. Ha. He was a little freaked out as well. But, I guess that was the worst he had to see (besides the dr checking me towards the end...which is a bit awkward as well, just to warn ya) seeing as Landon wouldn't come out the normal way so Matt didn't have to see anything. The time really does go fast overall. There were times when I felt like it was creeping along but then I look back and it seems like it went really fast. Just don't wish it along too much...don't want your baby to get wind of it and come out too soon! :) Let me know if you need anything. I'd be glad to help...or listen to you whine about your aches and pains when Nick gets tired of it (and he will...Matt did). :)

thehobbs said...

PS I'm really not blog stalking you. I just get on our blog like a million times a day and I have you on my "followed" list so whenever you update it lets me know. Just in case you were worried. :)