Friday, June 25, 2010

Mom cars and nausea

Well, I officially have my first mom car :) We traded in the Dodge Neon for a Jeep Liberty, which I LOOOVE! To make a long story short, we'd been debating whether to keep the Neon or buy a new car and the Neon made the decision for us. It crapped out on me with the same problem it had about 6 months ago. It kept blowing a spark plug, which in turn made a horrible noise that made me think I was getting ready to be blown up while I was driving 70mph down the interstate!! SCAARY!! So anyways, it happened again and we decided to fix it good enough to get it to a dealership and trade it in. After NUMEROUS days of car shopping and me bumming rides off my gracious boss, we finally found a car we love! I'm excited!! It's my first mom car, my first SUV and it's gonna be so great.

And while things are going good in the car department, they seem to be getting better in the nausea department too! I still get occasional waves of "holy crap I'm getting ready to vomit and this is NOT the time or place to do that!!!", but it's only about once a day, whereas before it was about ALL DAY EVERY DAY!! So that's a definite blessing!! Everyone keeps telling me the second trimester is better and I'll have more energy and I'm hoping they're right! I REALLY want to enjoy being pregnant and so far..........well, I enjoy knowing I have a life inside me, but the whole side effects of pregnancy thing has been a lot to handle. But it'll be worth it once that little baby is in my arms!! For those who don't know (if there's anyone even reading this--haha), if we have a boy, we're naming it Thomas James (Thomas after Nick's dad--James after Nick's middle name) and if it's a girl, it's Tessa Grace. I'm REALLY surprised we actually picked names this far ahead of time because we're both such procrastinators and put things off to the very last second, but I really want to start thinking of this baby as a person and not always call the baby an "it." So that's it for now. Nothing else too exciting going on. Just the normal stuff....but it's FRIDAY!! Thank you Jesus. Only 5 more working days until Nick and I get NINE DAYS OFF WORK!!!!! We're going on a family vacay to Table Rock. SO EXCITED!!!

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