Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Birthday party for Tessa Grace

Tessa turned 4 on the 25th and we had a whole weekend of celebrating! On the Saturday before her birthday, we had her family party. She decided on a farm animal cowgirl party and it was so fun!

 We had hamburgers and hotdogs, carrots with ranch, potato chips and fruit salad. Super simple! We ate a quick dinner and then opened presents. This girl was in present heaven!
 She got so many neat things--a baby, doll clothes and diapers, a new helmet, marker and an art pad, a movie, a TON of gum (because she's obsessed with chewing gum!), fireworks (something she requested from Nana) and a fishing pole with some lures.

After we opened presents, the kiddos all got to run around outside. She loves catching her chickens!

My goofy snorkeling boy!

After the kids were done playing in the water, we shot off the fireworks. She LOVED them! Then it was FINALLY time to get to bed. She loved her baby doll (she named her Lucy Emma) and slept with her all night. She's constantly feeding her or changing her. She'll be such a good little mama someday.

It was great to have all of our family over to celebrate this sweet girl! She is certainly spoiled!!

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