Wednesday, July 27, 2016

T-ball 2016

Tommy played t-ball again this year and did great! He's improved a bit since last year, but I have to admit that the whole time his team played, I was worried that SOMEBODY was going to get a concussion!

The season was SOOOO rainy.....they literally only practiced twice before games started. They all had a pretty good idea of what was going on, so it worked out. But they're just so funny to watch! This age still gets distracted by anything and everything (aka: dirt). There was a lot of grass picking and dirt kicking, but that had fun and managed to do a decent job hitting and stopping balls!

My sweet little man.........
He did a pretty decent job at batting! There were a few times each game that he would swing and miss (I think because he was so excited to bat that he didn't slow down and pay attention to what he was doing), but overall, he had quite a few good hits!

 He was just DYING to play the pitcher and catcher positions. The coaches did a great job of rotating everyone through all the positions and when it was his turn for both of those, he was SOOOO excited!

 We missed his last game because we were on vacation, but he had SO much fun playing this year and is really starting to get into i! Can't wait until next season!

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