Monday, July 25, 2016

SURPRISE for Tessa!

I wanted to do sometime really fun for Tessa for her 4th birthday besides the normal birthday party with our family. I feel like she's a little young to have a kid party and since school's not in session, I'm not sure how many people would come anyways.

So I'd been planning a special evening for her. She had NO idea. My niece had a birthday party the day before Tessa's actual birthday and I had planned my surprise for right after my niece's party. I got Nana and Brookie in on the plan and we had SUCH a fun girls' night! We never, ever get the chance to go out just the three of us with Tessa--usually Tommy or another grand kid is tagging along. So I knew Tessa would think that alone was special.

After the party, we ran home and changed really fast. Tessa kept saying, "Where are we going mommy? Who's coming? Why are we doing this?" I was so glad we'd kept it a secret because she was having fun just wondering where we were going!

We pulled up to the mall and went inside and I asked if she wanted to get her hair cut. She shook her hair really big and smiled--it was her first hair cut! She'd never even gotten a trim before. We went into the salon and she got up in the chair. And here's where I'm going to admit I was a little disappointed. The girl literally took about 2 minutes to cut her hair. I wish I would have explained to make a big deal of it because she put the cape on, trimmed her ends and then was done. She was friendly and nice, but it wasn't worth the money for the lack of the "first hair cut" experience!

The good news, however, is that Tessa thought it was neat and really.......that's what it's all about!

 She showed ZERO excitement in front of the hair stylist, but I could tell she felt extra sassy when we left by the way she was walking :) She was smiling really big and swinging her hips like nobody's business.
 She decided to try on a few hats to go with her freshly trimmed hair!
 And then it was time for the BIIIIIIG surprise! She's been asking to get her ears pierces for FOREVER. I kept telling her that daddy said no (because he did), but he finally agreed a few days before her girls night, so I went with it before he could change his mind. After we left the hair salon, we walked up to Claire's. I said, "Sis, so I was THINKING maybe today you could.......pierce your ears?!" Her eyes got SUPER big and she got SUPER quiet. I could tell she was a little nervous, so I asked if she was sure she wanted to do it and she never wavered! She's such a brave little girl. She hopped right up in the chair.....

 And just like that, she had pierced ears! She did so great right up until they put the guns to her ears. I could see in her eyes that she was scared, but she didn't make a peep. Her eyes got a little watery, but 10 seconds later, she was smiling and admiring her pink heart earrings in the mirror! Cutie........
 I asked her afterwards if it hurt at all and she said, "Only when they used those staplers!!"

After getting her ears pierced, we headed to Wal-mart for a little shopping. She found some play dishes for her baby and nana bought her those and even let her put the money in the machine, which she thought was just SO cool.
 She got to pick where we ate dinner and she wanted Golden Corral! A girl after my own heart. She ate two plates of macaroni and cheese (her favorite) and fruit!
 She was being so nerdy and kept making the weirdest faces to nana........
 And after we ate, we HAD To go show Granny her new earrings! Granny was appropriately impressed and made sure to fuss over her :)

And we ended our super fun girls day with some snuggles! I love this little lady and I THINK she loved her surprise day as much as I did!

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