Monday, July 25, 2016

To Tessa on her 4th birthday

Tessa Grace--

Last night, you went to sleep a three year old and woke up a four year old. I could cry right now just thinking about the fact that you are no longer a baby. You have turned from a kind of grumpy toddler into a super sweet little girl! Mommy is so proud of the person you already are and the person I know you will become.

You are a little girl who loves taking care of people. You're the first one to offer help. You always, always, always want to be doing what I'm doing or asking if I need you to do anything and I love it! Your heart is so kind and your spirit so sweet. You like taking care of all of us and will some day be a good little mama to your own babies. You already mother Tommy more than he likes (which doesn't take much!).

At four years old, you do NOT like attention. Of any kind. You don't like people making a big fuss over you (unless it's one on one)--you definitely don't seem to like being the center of attention. You'd rather do your thing in the background! You get pretty quiet and shy when there's a big group of people, but when you're around people you're 100% comfortable with, you're a little firecracker! You have the funniest personality and love to play "jokes" on people. You're not afraid to call people out and you have just the slightest bit of sarcasm to your sense of humor.

At four years old, you're starting to get a little more picky about what you eat. You used to eat anything and everything! You're still really good about at least trying something before you label it "gross." You're still a much better eater than your brother--you eat fish, chicken, steak, veggies, salad, fruit. You're much more about the fresh food. The only thing you're not really big on is hamburger!

At four years old, you weigh 42 pounds and are 40.75 inches tall. You wear a size 10 shoe and a size 4/5 in clothes. You love to wear nail polish and are OBSESSED with gum. You like to wear your hair in braids or buns. You only want to wear dresses or skirts that "twirl big!"

At four years old, you're still really good at your ABCs and numbers. You have starting writing a lot recently and it's the best. The hearts that you draw.......they slay me. I don't know why they're so stinkin' cute, but you add them to everything you write and I love it. You love to just sit and draw or write for a long time. I might be crazy, but you drew a banana the other day and I swear, it was the best banana I've ever seen drawn (okay, I'm biased because I'm your mother, but it was SO good!). Maybe you're going to be an artist--it's fun to think about what you'll do with all your talents!

At four years old, I don't think I could love you a single ounce more than I already do. You are the best daughter a mommy could ask for and I can't imagine life without you. You're the perfect mix of sweet and sassy, girlie and tomboy, happy and sad, loud and quiet, smart and silly, energetic and laid back. You, my love, are perfection.

Happy birthday sweet girl!

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