Thursday, May 19, 2016

Benton Days 2016

Every year, our little town has a celebration and we LOVE it. We were a little less involved this year because it was SO cold and my mom had kept the kids the night before, so we skipped all the races and tractor pull stuff. Nick and I got to sleep in a little and then somehow by the grace of God, that man volunteered to garage saleing with me.

 Bless his heart. He hated it the whole time, but was very patient with me. I totally scored on boy clothes and bought Tommy's wardrobe for the next year or so for around $40. Can't beat that! After we got done with our garage sales, we went and had lunch and then met my mom to get the kids for the parade.

I just have to say, I love living in a town where everyone still stands up and puts their hands over their hearts when the national anthem comes on.
 There were quite a few BIG trucks and Tommy was super impressed with all of them. He kept saying, "Take my picture with this one!" This is one of a hundred pictures he insisted on that day.
 Tessa had fun but was a little leery of all the noises. Some of those trucks and horns are SO loud. And then there was a train type car that looked like a jail and had a few "convicts" walking beside it. They kept squirting water on people.........and it was SO cold. SO SO cold. She wasn't super impressed with that and they both tried to hide from it!
It was a fun day.......I love small town living!

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