Friday, May 20, 2016

Mother's Day Tea 2016

Every year at preschool, the kids do a Mother's Day Tea. It's the cutest thing every and I get teary eyed every time.

When I first walked in, Tommy was waiting at the classroom door to escort me to our table. Then he pulled out my chair and waited until I sat down and then went and got me some fruit salad and water.  The pictures are a hot, blurry mess, but I'll remember it forever in my mind!

We took a selfie before eating our fruit salad... I had the best time just sitting and talking to him. It was so sweet! He's turning into such a genuinely funny little man.
 After we were done eating, the teacher's read these little forms that the kids provided the answers for. Some of them were HILARIOUS. I love the ones that would say something like, "When my family is all together, my mom likes to.................." and the kid would say, "Sleep on the couch!" Oh man, isn't that the truth. Luckily, Tommy's was fairly normal! It cracks me up that he says (correctly) that I'm obsessed with clothes. He knows me well--except for the whole getting me a dog thing (NEVER!).

Then they got up and sang a song for all of the mom's.....
 Clearly.....Tommy was thrilled.

The next day, I went again for Tessa's Mother's Day Tea.

She greeted me at the door to escort me and then sat me down. Then she went up to get our fruit salad. This is where Tessa Grace shines....she truly LOVES serving people. She likes to help any way she can and sometimes I have to catch myself from telling her to stop because there are some days where her "help" is not super helpful. But then I try to remind myself that it's a great quality for her to have and I don't want to discourage her from it. So she was loving serving me some fruit salad and water!
 And then she tried cantaloupe for the first time.......not a fan.
 Then the teacher read their papers to all the moms! Once again, nothing too wacky. She knows I love tacos and garage sales, so at least I know she's paying attention sometimes! Hilarious that she said I like to take care of Essie (her cousin) with my friends! Where on Earth did that come from??

After that, it was time for the song and as you can see, Tessa gets as excited about singing as her brother!

Then they brought us these cute little flowers they made with their hand prints. I LOVE that little face!
 Me and my sweet girl!

I had a great time with both of them!

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