Tuesday, May 31, 2016

She's the best

So I have this daughter........and she's amazing. Lately, I feel like her little personality has just started to come out so much more and I am in love.

Sometimes I feel bad because Tommy has such a fun, dramatic, hyper, crazy personality and honestly, we spend a lot of time (as a family!) listening to him, paying attention to him, disciplining him, etc. It seems like he gets a lot of attention (good and bad)--and not for any reason other than he's kind of a high maintenance child (son, if you're reading this some day, I mean that in the most loving way possible). Long story short, I occasionally get a pang of guilt because I feel like Tessa can be pushed to the back burner sometimes.

But I have to remind myself that she's totally okay with that! I know what I'm going to say is a total shocker, but.......God knows what He's doing. He truly made her the perfect piece to fit in our little family puzzle. Tessa's personality is perfect for her position in our family. For the most part, she's completely laid back, fine with entertaining herself when needed, perfectly okay with not being the center of attention. She's very nurturing and I'm always calling her a little momma because she love, LOVES taking care of people and Tommy LOVES getting her nurturing attention. He always wants to be first at everything and she usually lets him. He always wants to do crazy things and while she sometimes follows his lead, she often times is the voice of reason in his silly schemes. He doesn't like to sit still for more than a minute, so she gives me and Nick all the snuggles we can handle.

This post was inspired by me deleting some of my phone pictures (please tell me you find 100 pictures of your kids toes or the ceiling fan in your phone). I came across several of Tessa Grace that just made me so happy she's mine! She may be quiet and reserved, but at home and when she's 100% relaxed, she's just the best.......

 Loving on our baby chicks.....

She has the BEST bed head!

 Cheesy grin!

She has the cutest mad face!

Showing mom her muscles...

Wearing Daddy's hat!

 So proud of her garage sale find...

This is one of my favorites....she came into the living room with her pants sagging. She had stuffed her pockets and belt loops with toys and kitchen gadgets (note the beater in her hand)! Nerd....

 We taped her nose to get her a piggy snout!

 Rockin' her shades again!

 She gets a little loopy when she's bored...

And my favorite--she looks like an angel when she's sleeping!

Momma loves you so much, Gracie girl!

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